RE: (OT?) FrameMaker and Importing Images

Subject: RE: (OT?) FrameMaker and Importing Images
From: "Brierley, Sean" <Sean -at- Quodata -dot- Com>
To: "'Christopher'" <addforlist -at- hotmail -dot- com>, TECHWR-L <techwr-l -at- lists -dot- raycomm -dot- com>
Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2000 09:17:06 -0500

Hallo and a happy Super Tuesday to you all!!!

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> From: Christopher [SMTP:addforlist -at- hotmail -dot- com]
> There are a fair number of screen captures, and I when I reference/import
> them into FrameMaker them I use a dpi of 96 (I'm working in Windows),
> which
> I believe is correct as I have a resolution of 1024x768.
> For screen captures that will not fit into a frame at this resolution (96
> dpi), *can* I change to any resolution so the image fits, or I am best to
> work at multiples (e.g. double therefore 192 dpi, or 1.5 and so 144)?
SnagIT32 will let you resample to a specified resolution at time of capture.
Try 100 dpi or 120 dpi (I use the latter to good effect). If 120dpi doesn't
work for you for a few images, try resampling to 150dpi in your graphics
software. You might also make sure you carefully size the screen elements
you are capturing. Note, that FrameMaker's anti-aliasing for the screen is
not so hot . . . but printed output will be excellent. Also, Anti-aliasing
for the screen is reportedly much better in Acrobat 4 than Acrobat 3, so I
suppose I recommend you buy Acrobat 4 to make your PDFs.

> I think I remember reading that my import dpi should be an even multiple
> of
> the printing dpi... I'm not sure what this will be (I better find out from
> our secretary/printers!!) - 300 or 600 dpi???. Anyway, is this right?
I believe you are concerned with printer linescreen, not dpi, when printing
bitmaps. Roughly speaking, give or take a few, the linescreen of a 600 dpi
desktop laser is 150 lpi. Thus, you should see no difference printing a the
same image at 600dpi to this printer as you would see printing it
(resampled) at 150 dpi. Don't worry about display to the screen because, as
you have noted, by setting your resolution for print you more than cover the
screen. (Again, worry not about FrameMaker's anti-aliasing and consider the
Acrobat 4 suite.)

> Additionally, if our UG is to be printed into b&w, should I change the
> format before importing/referencing to Frame or does this make no
> difference?
I recommend you use SnagIT to resample your captures to 8-bit optimized
color. This'll synch-up well with 8-bit greyscale (and hopefully avoid

> We are sending our UG to the printers in PDF. Again, should this be in
> b&w?
You should create your output as directed by your printing service. For me,
this is an unknown quantity. What are you printing from, a high-res offset
press or a 600dpi Docutek? Ask your printing service whether you can submit
color, but you should be able to cos they'll just only use black ink ;?).

> Finally, Frame will only sometimes accept my .png images (although other
> programs have no problems with them), other times spitting them out with
> an
> import filter error. Any ideas why? I'm using png as a) I'm a beginner b)
> I
> don't know better c) despite reading various archives, I have been unable
> to
> find a good reason for using TIFF (which seems far too complicated and
> tiresome).
I'm unsure why FrameMaker won't support all of your PNGs. Are you using
FrameMaker 5.5.6, or something earlier, like 5.5.0 (if so, upgrade to
5.5.6)? You only need to use TIFF if you want to get 4-color output from
your print files, which you don't. I recommend you switch to GIF (which
supports only 8-bit color, but who cares cos you're really only interested
in greyscale). BMP is a good alternative on a Windows machine. From your
intro, I see you are importing all of your graphics by reference, which is

> Thanks for any answers to these questions or any pointers. Tools I have at
> my disposal include FrameMaker 5.5, Snagit 5.0, Paint Shop Pro 5.03 (and
> Photoshop 5.5 somewhere), ACDsee 3.0.
> Thanks in advance,
> Chris
> ps last time I checked the FrameUsers web site they were down - I will
> check
> them out soon, but now I am going home to sleep (it's now 11pm here in
> good
> 'ol France - have a nice day at the work the rest of you) :-))
Checkout the FrameMaker forum on adobe's User to User Forums. Goto, follow the link to Support and User to User Forums; you'll need
to sign in. Oh, heck, here:


sean -at- quodata -dot- com

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