Re: Documentum - feedback

Subject: Re: Documentum - feedback
From: John Posada <jposada01 -at- yahoo -dot- com>
To: Lindsay -dot- Doyle -at- firstunion -dot- com, techwr-l -at- lists -dot- raycomm -dot- com
Date: Thu, 9 Mar 2000 06:47:53 -0800 (PST)

> material, but i can answer questions from a user's
> POV.<
> Thanks for your response. I don't have much time to
> type as we are
> furiously trying to test the system before the
> Documentum rep leaves this
> afternoon. Our basic questions (myself and two
> other TW) are:
> -What kind of support did you have initially to get
> Documentum to work

Like I said, I'm a user. I wasn't involved in the
setup, it was here when I got here.

> smoothly and how long did it take?

See above

> -Did Documentum provide training? If so, was it
> technical training,
> end-user training, both?

Yes, it's whatever type of training you need. They
also have various work guides; the three that I have
on my desk now are 1) Advanced Workspace, 2) What is
Workspace, 3) Technical Fundamentals of Documentum.

They are done as training guides with very specific
lessons, examples, and Q/As.

> -How smooth was the installation of Documentum on
> users' workstations?

I just did an installation on my workstation and it
was done through a proprietary script that is
developed in-house...the installation when flawless

> -Did you have ACL (Access Control List) issues
> (setting permissions for
> certain users to have access to specific docs,
> processes, etc.)?

The only two problems are remembering which ACL to
apply for which type of document/user group and when a
user comes back and says "What do you mean I only have
read priv., I want write and delete."

> -Did you have a test system in Documentum that you
> used prior to using the
> production system? If so, did the test system
> accurately reflect the
> production system?

We have three envionments; development, Usrr
Acceptance testing (UAT), and Production.

I produce a web site. I upload it to dev. Others in my
group try to break it (click all links, etc.). If it
works, it gets moved to UAT where the user gets to try
to break it. They also issue any PCOs (Product Change
Orders). We make the appropriate changes (if
appropriate), try out in dev again, upload to UAT,
then when accepted by all, it's transferted to
production. Works as well as we let it. If we take a
shortcut we know we shouldn't, then we get ready to
accept the consequences.

> -Did you find Documentum easy to use once it had
> been customized to meet
> your requirements?

Its OK, no harder than any other application.


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