Re: Education for tech writers

Subject: Re: Education for tech writers
From: Peter <pnewman1 -at- home -dot- com>
To: Jo Francis Byrd <jbyrd -at- byrdwrites -dot- com>
Date: Tue, 21 Mar 2000 08:26:20 -0500

Jo Francis Byrd wrote:
> NO WAY do I feel formal education is a waste of time!!!!! My daughters knew from
> the moment of conception they were expected to go to college and finish. I do
> not regret my degrees, though if I were starting all over I would not choose the
> degrees I have. Now I would get my undergrad degree in technical communication
> and my master's in Information Science. But those didn't exist back in 19 mumble
> mumble.
> What I DID say, was that by the time I discovered the certification program, it
> would have been counter productive IN MY CASE. Had I know about it in the
> beginning....oh, I'da been there! In a heartbeat!
> Hope this clarifies things!
> Jo Byrd

I know this is a minority opinion but IMNVHO an undergraduate degree
should be in any liberal arts subject. The "how to" information should
come later. A good liberal arts course will teach a student how to think
and communicate his/her thoughts. My friends who are recruiters tell me
that art history majors are highly prized for entry level positions
training with major corporations. The "how-to" course will teach the
student what to communicate. I am not unmindful that education is
expensive. The failure to educate properly is more expensive than a long
run. Yes, I know that valuable experience can be obtained on the job. I
certainly commend those who have obtained their education in that
manner. But, one of my hot buttons is the expression "waste of time"
when combined in some fashion with the word "education." It may be
unreasonable that is why I am in and make no apology for that.
Perhaps if engineers had more of the liberal arts education many of the
difficulties I read about in this group would disappear.
BTW certification programs are important and necessary but, as I have
stated above, that should come after a liberal arts degree.

Arguing with an engineer is like mud wrestling with a pig.
You soon realize they both enjoy it.

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