ANN: Sorting frameMaker Glossaries with Enhance

Subject: ANN: Sorting frameMaker Glossaries with Enhance
From: Hedley Finger <hedley -dot- finger -at- ericsson -dot- com -dot- au>
To: FrameUsers <framers -at- frameusers -dot- com>, FreeFramers <framers -at- omsys -dot- com>
Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2000 11:47:11 +1000

From time to time a plaintive cry for methods of sorting FrameMaker
glossaries appears on this list.

I just inherited a Glossary that had devolved (= opposite of 'evolve')
over a period of time and at the hands of many authors. It also
contained many conditional entries that were now all to be exposed in a
master glossary. Needless to say, after ALL the conditions were exposed
MANY of the entries were out of order or duplicated, and the
duplications varied subtly. And quite a few entries contained
definitions extending over multiple paragraphs.

All in all, a horrible cut and paste editing job likely to take many
hours. Until [da da] Enhance outliner from Sandybrook Software came to
the rescue ...

A Open the Glossary in Enhance outline view.

B Specify the term paragraphs as heading levels.

c Collapse the outline so that the term paragraphs are showing but their
child definition paragraphs are hidden.

D Sort the terms in ascending alphabetical order.

E Expand the entries (terms and definitions).

F Merge duplicated entries and edit for consistency. The 'galley' or
'Normal' [wash yer mouf out] view, absent text margins, and page headers
and footers, makes it easy to scroll to keep adjacent entries in view.
The window can also be split into two panes displaying different parts
of the document -- great for cutting and pasting.

G Locate all the HARD CODED 'See' and 'See also' internal

H Clone the outline view into two windows so different parts of the
Glossary can be viewed simultaneously.

I Switch between outline and layout views while inserting dynamic
cross-references to check appropriateness of target terms.

Have a look at <>.

Declaration of Interest: David, I'm still working on the revised
Enhance User's Guide and will finish it eventually!


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