synchronizing the toc in HTML Help (.chm) file that uses a frameset

Subject: synchronizing the toc in HTML Help (.chm) file that uses a frameset
From: david -dot- geddes -at- visualinsights -dot- com
To: techwr-l
Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2000 8:21:54

Problem Overview: (cross-posted to winhelp discussion list)

I have a compiled HTML Help (.chm) file with the standard three-pane
(navigation pane, toolbar pane and topic pane). The topic pane has a
2-frame frameset . One frame (named secondary) has navigation buttons and
the other frame (named main) contains help information. I use javascript to
make the TOC in the navigation pane work with the frameset.

The Problem:
Everything works fine except that when topics are replaced in the frameset
either by using the navigation buttons or by clicking links in the main
frame, the toc does not synchronize with the new topic. If I do not use
frameset, synchronization works fine.

Potential Solution?
I'm thinking that if I can programmatically tell the toc to synchronize to
a specific (named topic) using javascript then my problem would be solved.
I'm wondering if either the HTML Help API command "HH_SYNC" or the HTML
Help ActiveX control command "syncURL" would work. The problem I have with
either of these commands is that I do not know how to address the .chm's
toc from a topic page within that same .chm. All of the HTML Help API
documentation assumes that the .chm is being manipulated from another
program or that an embedded HTML Help ActiveX control is being

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!

David Geddes

Visual Insights Canada,
david -dot- geddes -at- visualinsights -dot- com

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