RE: [wwp-users] RE: FrameMaker, WebWorks, and small caps

Subject: RE: [wwp-users] RE: FrameMaker, WebWorks, and small caps
From: "Brierley, Sean" <Sean -at- Quodata -dot- Com>
To: "'wwp-users -at- egroups -dot- com'" <wwp-users -at- egroups -dot- com>
Date: Fri, 9 Jun 2000 15:29:12 -0400

Thanks to John Frazzini for the workaround, forwarded to techwr-l. This is
why I copied the WWP experts group on this! Methinks this way too much
effort, though <vbg>.

Best regards,

sean -at- quodata -dot- com

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Subject: Re: [wwp-users] RE: FrameMaker, WebWorks, and small

"Brierley, Sean" wrote:

> Hallo:
> In short: I agree with Arlen.
> <remaining description of how to use CSS2 deleted>

I seem to recall asking this question about a year ago, and
fortunately, I came
up with a browser-independent way of implementing this. While it's
true that the
CSS way would be the "right" way to do this... unfortunately, not
all browsers
fully support all functionality of CSS. So, I devised a brute force
for handling this with Frame and WebWorks.

Basically, what you must do is surround your small caps text in
frame with a
frame maker character style that you create called "SmallCaps" (or
you could call it Fred.. but let's make the example simple). In
FrameMaker, you
make the character style do whatever it needs to do to display small
caps (and
you can type the text in mixed case or all caps if you prefer).

Then in webworks, you create a building block called
"BBConvertToUpper". This
building block will take whatever string you pass it and convert
each character
to its uppercase equivalent. The definition of this macro is ugly,
but it works:

$DATA["a","A"]["b","B"]["c","C"]["d","D"]["e","E"]... ;

you get the picutre... do this for every letter of the alphabet.
Finally, you
create a corresponding webworks macro for the character style
SmallCaps (that is
you create a character macro called SmallCaps). It's definition is:


And voila! you now have browser-independent small caps

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