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Subject: RE: Printers
From: Win Day <winday -at- home -dot- com>
To: "Brierley, Sean" <Sean -at- Quodata -dot- Com>
Date: Sat, 17 Jun 2000 16:25:29 -0400

At 09:20 AM 13/06/00 -0400, you wrote:

1) If you are providing a file for a service bureau, follow their printer
requirements, period.

2) If you want to have well-formed PDFs or expect assistance troubleshooting
Acrobat woes, use the prescribed Adobe printer drivers and PPDs. Period.

3) If you want both of the above, do it twice: create one for your service
bureau and one for distribution/troubleshooting.


The first two statements provide contradictory advice.

The reason we provide PDF files to WHOEVER we provide them to is so the end-result printed product looks the way we want it to, correct?

So, I must provide the service bureau with PDF files distilled from PS files created for their specific printer, right? And that will guarantee the expected printed output?

But I can use the generic Adobe PS driver to create PS files and distill them to PDF for everyone else?

Sorry, I don't get it. If I have to use the specific printer driver for the files going to the service bureau, how can I get away with using the generic driver for every other purpose?

Or to look at it the other way around, if the service bureau can't use the files I created with the generic printer driver, how can EVERYONE else?

Win, who doesn't have to create PDF files often but would like to get it right if I do
Win Day
Technical Writer

mailto:winday -at- wordsplus -dot- net

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