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Subject: Re: Linux
From: Michele Davis <mdavis -at- bitstream -dot- net>
To: TECHWR-L <techwr-l -at- lists -dot- raycomm -dot- com>
Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2000 12:36:02 -0500

Since I started this discussion, I will now, finally, add my commentary. I found
it humorous that people told me to listen to Linus, obviously, if I work in the
UNIX environment, I've heard HOW he pronounces Linux and its been irrelevant.
Ironically the reason I asked the list was because my husband, who is a die-hard
Linux person, and UNIX developer who despises MS, said, "Ask the tech-whirler
list, see what they say!" So I did.

I received plenty of answers, but not until Bruce have I realized what impact
Linux really has. I personally pronounce it Lie-nux, but my client, a big-player
in the Linux training industry, pronounces it Lee-nox. Now, all that aside,
Bruce's post was interesting, because he is right. He, along with the other
people who said this earlier, are right in that if you are not secure in your
knowledge of Linux, and UNIX in general, you better be pronouncing the word the
way your client does, otherwise, you may not get the job.

My client, in the interview process, probably asked me MORE questions about Linux

because of my pronunciation, but I could confidently answer any question they
threw my way because I had enough background.

Personally I think it should be UNIX-L. LOL!


just another stop on the web:

Bruce Byfield wrote:

> Humbird, LenX" <lenx -dot- humbird -at- intel -dot- com> wrote:
> >The problem with the pronunciation of the word "Linux" is a fundamental
> >reflection of the entire UNIX industry: there are a lot of flavors out there
> >and you never know who's right.
> you can tell who belong and who doesn't by who finds the comment
> funny. Similarly, you can tell who belongs to your corner of the
> community by how they pronounce "Linux."
> Also, an important part of this culture is its informality and
> its interactiveness. Everybody in a project expects to be
> consulted (although they may not have the final say), and
> everybody the community feels free to give an opinion. That's why
> quoting Linus Torvalds on the pronounciation of "Linux" is beside
> the point: the community respects Torvalds, but nobody
> necessarily listens to him. Much of the community disagrees with
> his defence of intellectual property in discussion of the
> Napster/Gnutella debate, and just the other day, Richard Stallman
> critized him for working on proprietary software at Transmeta.

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