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Subject: Re: National Writers Union (NWU)
From: "Fredrick Rea O'Keefe" <fredrick -at- tech-center -dot- com>
To: "TECHWR-L" <techwr-l -at- lists -dot- raycomm -dot- com>
Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2000 13:35:32 -0400

I have been a member of NWU for several years because I believe in the
efficacy of collective bargaining, and the value of having resource people
to support me when I need them. So far, I haven't needed the readily
available support in such areas as contracts, legal, jobs, contract
enforcement (getting paid), copyright protection, .... But, it is available,
and for a freelancer, that's most important. This is affordable and

I did not join the union just for what I could get out of it (I'm not a
freeloader), nor solely for any job lists. I joined to take part for the
welfare of writers.

Is the NWU combative? I sure hope so, when called for in dealing with
objectionable "employers", publishers, and so-called recruiters - to protect
writers of any type, including tech-writers.

Despite the inherent problems of any organization, My overall view is that
those who don't become members of a pertinent advocacy group usually state
clearly - "I've got mine, screw those who don't, or can't, or are plain

Rick O'Keefe, Wordsmith
fredrick -at- tech-center -dot- com
Are you a freelance writer, artist or cartoonist?
Then you should be a member of the NATIONAL WRITERS UNION!
The only labor union committed to improving the economic and working
conditions of all freelance writers, artists & cartoonists. For more
information visit our web site , call (212) 254-0279, or email nwu -at- nwu -dot- org .

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I currently belong to the NWU, but unlike Andrew, I do not own a contracting
house, I have some friends that are recruiters, but to honest I think most
recruiters are slime. I have several local recruiters I could use to
substantiate my claims.
Back to the point, because I write books I have a literary agent, and since
I have an agent, its good to belong to the NWU, plus there is a sense of
community, for me, at least, knowing people in the NWU. I have gotten some
writing gigs from other NWU members who are business writers, and some
valuable information as well. The Union isn't all bad, and as a member you
don't have to believe in all the rhetoric, most people are members of a
particular religion yet don't follow the rules of that religion. I know
people who are Catholic who use birth control or are fixed, and the Church
certainly doesn't condone that.
I have never found their attitude to be "us-against-them-at-Defcon-5." But
then again, as I said I don't buy into all the rhetoric. For my $210/year I
have made a lot of contacts and money for the NWU to be dispensable in my
just another stop on the web:
Stephen Arrants wrote:
> Tothscribe -at- aol -dot- com [mailto:Tothscribe -at- aol -dot- com] writes:
> > But every time I consider the National Writer's Union, their
> > us-against-them-at-Defcon-5 attitude puts me off every time.
> >
> > Is anyone here a member of the NWU? Do you feel it is a
> > worthwhile group for a mainly technical, occasionally
> > freelance writer?

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