Re: Recruiter Question: Clear Point

Subject: Re: Recruiter Question: Clear Point
From: "Jason A. Czekalski" <topsidefarm -at- mva -dot- net>
To: Marilynne Smith <marilyns -at- qualcomm -dot- com>
Date: Sat, 01 Jul 2000 16:52:05 -0700

Marilynne Smith wrote:

> I have to step in and say I worked for a recruiter for 5 years and this
> recruiter and his company were very good to me. I received benefits,
> training when I needed it, and advice any time. This recruiter was an
> added benefit.
> I've worked for bad recruiters too, but no longer than it took to finish
> the contract and find another job. The good recruiters are worth looking
> for and good for staying with.
> Marilynne


This is one of those issues were people's experiences tend to be at the two
extremes. Very few people seem to be luke warm about recruiters. They either
love them, or they hate them, nothing in between.

On the one hand, we have someone like you who has had a high level of success
using a recruiter. To that I say good for you. I do not begrudge anyone their
successes. I may be envious of them, but I do not begrudge them. If using a
recruiter works for you, then by all means continue to use a recruiter.

However, one the flip side of that coin are people like me who have seen the
ugly side of recruiters. I won't touch a recruiter with a ten-foot pole due
to the experiences I have had. I am better off doing my own leg work when it
comes to finding work. I truely do wish I could find a recruiter who was
open, honest, and competent. It would mean less BS for me when it came to
finding work. Having someone else doing the leg work has got to make life a
bit easier. But, as I said, my track record with recruiters is not good, and
I have tried most of them in New England.


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