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From: "Steven Shepard" <steves -at- yardi -dot- com>
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Date: Thu, 27 Jul 2000 16:00:31 -0700

>Humbird writes:

>But beyond that tired debate, there is a much bigger story to this than
>simply RIAA suing Napster because they're encouraging illegal copying of
>copyrighted materials by the general public. It's whether or not Napster
>other businesses like this are engaging in illegal activity, and more
>importantly, if this operation is protected under the constitutional 1st
>amendment regarding freedom of speech. I believe they are. Besides, IF RIAA
>could show a recent and significant drop in overall sales, what is the
>likelihood of them proving that it was due to Napster? I don't think they

I totally disagree. I see nothing they are doing as a free speach
As far as I am concerned they are as bad a fence laundering stolen
property and then claiming they didn't know it was stolen. It's a
of crap. Let the whiny little bastards get jobs and pay for their

>What's really the point is how the recording industry (and Hollywood) is
>operating, and where the money is flowing. On this issue, I tend to agree
>with the wackos in that the concept of "albums" is a convenient bundling a
>bunch of crap with one or two good songs and charging a premium for it.

Then don't buy the albums. But don't steal them either. The artists,
as well as
all the other people involved deserve to get paid for their work
just like you
and me.

>Looking at my own download habits, I've used Napster for a few dozen
>individual songs that I would NEVER buy on a bundled CD.

Yeah, and that's the same lame excuse software pirates use. "I would
buy it anyway, so stealing it is OK."

>If these recording labels would have gotten off their duff and marketed
>individual songs for a buck or so per download, that might really make a

No, their marketing methods do not make a difference. Theft is theft.

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