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Subject: Re; PDF - Linux problem
From: Bruce Byfield <bbyfield -at- axionet -dot- com>
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Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2000 10:21:48 -0700

Martha Silverspring <silverspring9235 -at- go -dot- com> wrote:

>I use Win98. I'm converting a FrameMaker manual to PDF and sending it to a client who uses Linux.
>He says that some of the graphics and formatting don't display properly, and wonders if there is some kind >of version problem. He says he's "using xpdf on Linux 6.2." He downloaded Adobe's Acroread for Linux, but >wonders if there isn't a better way to resolve this so customers don't have to do that.

First, background: xpdf is a free software reader for pdf files.
It's speedier than Acroread, but so far doesn't work very well.

Tell your client to try opening the file in Ghostview. Ghostview
is a reader for both postscript and Acrobat files, and, in my
experience, gives the best view you can get under Linux. In
general, Acrobat files don't display as well under Linux as under
other platforms, but it's the best you can do.

Another possibility: Acrobat and postscript files sometimes get
corrupted when sent as an attachment. Try zipping them first -
or, better yet, since your client is using Linux, put them in a
tar file.

Hope these suggestions help.

Bruce Byfield, Outlaw Communications
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