RE: Single-sourcing: the possible dream? Mif2go, etc.

Subject: RE: Single-sourcing: the possible dream? Mif2go, etc.
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> Have any of you gone down the path of single-sourcing FrameMaker documents
> to produce Win HTML Help, generic Web pages, etc?
Yes. It works great for me. The process does require discipline, however

> Specifically, what tools would you recommend?
> -- mif2go
> -- HTML Transit ($US5000 per seat = $AU10000; whewee!)
> -- Quadralay Webworks Publisher
I have not used mif2go or HTML Transit. I have heard good things about the
former and, for the price, the latter *must* be quite good as well <g>.
However, I use Quadralay's WebWorks Publisher Pro and am happy with the

> How did you accommodate the terse topic-to-a-small-page style of on-line
> help with the more discursive style for printed books? How did you design
> the book pages so that the output has appropriate navigation: Next,
> Previous, Back, Forward, To Contents, To Index, Help/Web Home, etc.
I write mainly reference books. My headings are always followed by text and
never by another heading. The text following a heading contains
cross-references to all sub headings of the next lower type in the section.
For example, text following a heading1 will contain a cross-reference list
of all the heading2s in the section (not heading 3s) and each heading2
contains a similar list of all the heading3s in its section . . .. In short,
you have to set up your formatting to account for content as much (or more)
than style and you have to write specifically for a single-source goal (just
as you would write just to have online help as your goal, or just to have
in-print as your goal).

I don't use next, previous, back, or forward because my online help output
is not really linear. However, WebWorks Publisher adds these navigation
elements automatically, if you wish, and you can customize them. Most forms
of HTML-based help created by WebWorks Publisher are set up, by default,
with a TOC in a left frame area . . . including HTML Help (CHM), JavaHelp
(JAR) and cross-platform WebWorks Help (which uses DHTML and JavaScript/Java
applet). Similarly, WebWorks creates an index tab for you automatically
based on your FrameMaker index, plus adds (for most formats) word-search.

> Our bright-eyed team of eager writers awaits your wisdom.
I've never been to Aussie . . . any job openings <g>. I expect you pay
relocation <Vbg>.

Best regards and happy hunting!

sean -at- quodata -dot- com

> Regards,
> Hedley

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