Win My Money was Re: ADMIN: FYI

Subject: Win My Money was Re: ADMIN: FYI
From: "Stephen D. Martin" <stpats -at- storm -dot- ca>
To: "TECHWR-L" <techwr-l -at- lists -dot- raycomm -dot- com>
Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2000 15:33:37 -0500

Hi gang:

Sorry, but this is my second (and last) gasp for the gipper here
before I go back into lurk mode for a while. I received eight
responses to my recent post on this topic. Out of those eight
responses, 5 of them were a good slap on the back, 2 of them were
from Eric Dunn and Bill Swallow, and 1 of them I'm not sure
about, but it seemed positive.

First, feeding my ego were comments such as:

1) Miss Manners would love you! How insightful of you to notice
that the meanies' feelings were stung by Eric's chastisement of
them. I hadn't looked at it in that
way, but I knew SOMEthing was bugging me about the outcry
following Eric's post. Well done! :-)

2) I wasn't sure if I should read your message, because I don't
belong to any of the above categories :-)

As we Okies say, you told them how the cows et the cabbage!

3) Yea! Do I hear a parade forming? Let me get behind this

4) very well said, Stephen. (just don't want to do that "me 2 x
four-thousand..." ) Thanks for your very polite and firm note.

5) Love the signature line. 'Who' rules!!

P.S. Good post.

Many, many thanks to everyone for their polite support. Somewhat
surprisingly though, all but one of the positive comments came
from a woman. What is there about male tech writers that they're
so bitter?

Now then, Bill, you wrote:


> Please, I think we all got the point. And please don't
> lecture me about how to use my delete key, because
> whether or not I choose to read the messages is
> irrelevant. I still have to download them."

Bill: I have no idea what you're talking about. Are you trying
to say that the entire thread was a joke, or do you believe that
I was responding to anything in particular that you may have

I wasn't, and I have no intention of lecturing anybody on the use
of the delete key, except for the case where the junior writers
here get a little trigger happy and start deleting text that's
not supposed to be.

Eric Dunn, you wrote:

> I'm sorry, but who's being rude and insulting now? Your post
> is the one that has brought the level of discussion to a new
> low.

Sorry, but you've been outvoted.

> Many times rudeness, offense, and boorishness is a matter of
> personal opinion. That in fact seems to have been the point of
> a number of the posts in this thread.

Sorry, but you are just plain wrong. Perhaps you should go back
and read the posts again. Most of the posts were from somebody
or other about their right to be rude and offensive, usually
using the example of the 'evil newbie scourge' as their

> In other posts it is very clear. Yours qualifies as one of
> those times.

Sorry, but again you have been outvoted. Sometimes the truth
hurts, but the fact that it hurts is not evidence that you have
been wronged.

> No one has demanded a right to be offensive. You seem to be

And nobody has ever stated that anyone had. Quite a lot of
people did, however, attempt to justify their right to be rude
and offensive in their posts. It's a plain and simple fact so
just deal with it.

> You have no right to throw his name around and claim his
> authority.

Please provide me with an exact quote showing that I have ever
claimed Eric's authority.

> Eric Ray asked the list to reflect on the message he received.
> From what I can tell the list is doing just that.

In point of fact, Eric, what Eric Ray wrote was:

"Frankly, I hate to see this, simply because I think
a large part of the value of this list is its diversity,
size, and breadth. As I've mentioned on list before,
a thick skin shouldn't be required to participate
in this list effectively.

I think it'd be a good idea for everyone--myself included--
to think about the quoted message above _before_
clicking Send."

If *anybody* can point out any part of that quote where Eric asks
us to post our ill-founded opinions on the subject, *OR* can
point out any part of my own post where I claimed Eric Ray's
authority, I'll personally mail you a crisp new $100CDN bill.

In point of fact, Eric (Dunn), Eric, the grand poobah, asked that
we all *think* (not type), and I just pity the poor sod the fact

that he now has to wade through all of this because a handful of
people cannot differentiate between the two concepts. Perhaps in
the future we would do well to actually read what someone posts
before blindly going off assuming we know what we're doing.

As a matter of fact, Eric (Ray, if you haven't just deleted the
entire mis-begotten thread on sight), I'll be in touch in the
next few days about sending you something in recognition of
having to slog through tripe like this thread all the time. I
know I'm just a big ole maple syrup slurping Canuck and my
money's not worth a timker's damn, but we gave Sun the Oak that
became Java, and that should count for something.

Cheers all.

Who are you, who am I, and why do I have this keyboard stuck to
my face?

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