Re: Need Localization/Translation Service Recommendations, Responses

Subject: Re: Need Localization/Translation Service Recommendations, Responses
From: "Randall Larson-Maynard" <RMAYNARD -at- INTERACTDEVICES -dot- COM>
To: "TECHWR-L" <techwr-l -at- lists -dot- raycomm -dot- com>
Date: Fri, 20 Sep 2002 12:17:28 -0700

RE: Need Localization/Translation Service RecommendationsThanks to all who
responded on and off line.

Randall Larson-Maynard
Technical Publications Lead
Interact Devices, Inc.
rmaynard -at- interactdevices -dot- com


We provide localization service and can handle all of those languages.
Location really doesn't matter. If you're interested, you can check out our
web site ( We can also do a pretranslation analysis to
help you determine how to prepare your documents (that is,
"internationalize" them) to reduce complications during the localization

If you're interested in getting a bid, I can put you in touch with an
account representative.

Bill Burns
Technical Communications Manager
Lionbridge Technologies
bill_burns -at- lionbridge -dot- com

I've had great sucess with SDL International. They have offices in many
cities though not local to me. We work by phone, FTP, and e-mail and it has
worked out fabulously.

Check them out at for more information. Contact Allison
mcDougall at (303) 440-0909 for more information.

Terri Lee

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Terri Lee
Documentation Project Manager
Quantum Corporation
Storage Solution Group
Workgroup Systems Engineering
PO Box 57100, Irvine, CA 92619-7100

Tel: (949) 856-7984
Fax: (949) 856-7799
email: terri -dot- lee -at- quantum -dot- com

I can highly recommend International Language Services. Our contact is
Marguerite Gregory. Very professional, thoughtful and responsive. I've
included their contact information at the end of my email

They can localized/translated all the languages you listed, and more. We are
in San Diego, CA. No problem.

They are working on a large contract for us. We contacted serval companies
and they had the most competitive bid.


Marguerite Gregory [mgregory -at- ilstranslations -dot- com]
International Language Services
5810 Baker Road - Suite 250
Minnetonka, MN 55345
Tel: (952) 934-5678 - (800) 225-8964
Fax: (952) 934-4543
Email: mgregory -at- ilstranslations -dot- com

You are probably going to get several recommendations to use the particular
vendor that the responding framer uses. That is all well and good, but you
need to find a vendor that can do YOUR job. I am sending you a 24 page
book called "Localization and FrameMaker" that I wrote for the Frameusers
conference in 2000. The book explains in detail, how to find, screen, and
hire the right vendor to localize YOUR products, how to work with the
vendor, and how to prepare your FM files to incur minimum costs when
localizing. It also includes a table that shows actual costs of
localization tasks for 31 languages, including those you mentioned. Using
this table, you can estimate the cost of your own job and compare it to the
bids you get from whichever vendors you talk to.

Dick Gaskill
Technical Publications Manager
(new job, don't have email set up at work yet)

We have had good experience with Adams Translation in Texas for French,
German, and Italian (from U.S. English):
Adams Translations
Make sure you get bids from a few companies (and let them all know you are
doing so).
Mark Hardin
Manager, Technical Publications
Veeco, Santa Barbara Operations

Try Lyn Minty,

I've ccd him to this reply.

I've worked closely with SDL International. I worked with them on my
previous job at AHT, Inc. Not only are they excellent translators, they
are FrameMaker and Webwork gurus. They are excellent. Contact is Mark
O'Malley (MOMALLEY -at- sdlintl -dot- com).

Hope this helps.

Lori Marra
Multimedia Training Designer
Eastman Kodak Company
(585) 724-3187
lori -dot- marra -at- kodak -dot- com

we'll do your chinese localisation when you are ready
for it:)


anton xie

I saw your post on TECHWR-L about needing a translation vendor for
Framemaker 7 manuals. We're a full service technical translation vendor
and if you're interested, we can provide you with a no obligation quote.
Current customers include Motorola, American Power Conversion, Bobcat,
Heidelberg Digital, Sorrento Networks, Interlink Electronics, and WorldGate
Communications. Our website is located at I can send
you more information-we use a great deal of translation technology in our
process, which ensures fast turnaround and lower costs. In the meantime, I'
m including our price list for the languages most often requested. Please
feel free to contact me at (215) 362-1190 any time (including PST time) or
send me email via this address. I look forward to hearing from you!


>From what my l10n coworker says, there is no perfect vendor, but the major
ones are:
Bowne -
Lionbridge -
Simultrans -

She mentions that since your requirements are all European languages,
you can look for localization companies in Ireland or France
(usually cheaper).


Matthew J. Horn
Sr. Technical Writer
< m a c r o m e d i a >

FWIW, our manuals/interfaces are translated by Lionbridge. We work with
Cisco Systems, and they're Cisco's translator of choice. My dealings
with them have been just fine.

Nancy Kaminski
Nancy E. Kaminski . Technical Writer
Spanlink Communications
Minneapolis, Minnesota USA
nancy -dot- kaminski -at- spanlink -dot- com
Phone (763) 971-2311 . Fax (763) 971-2300

I saw your note in the Frame forum. Of the four Frame RFQ's we've bid on as
a result of similar requests for advice, we've won two. No harm in blowing
our own trumpet a bit- or in your taking a look at our site for
qualifications. Happy to provide a quote if you'll put us on your list.

By way of introduction:

Greg Bathon

You might want to check the American Translators Association (ATA) web
site at:

The Directory of Translation and Interpreting Services lists also
technical translators (and you can search for those accredited from
English into German or English into French) and the Directory of
Language Services Companies lists companies that are members of the

Being an Italian technical translator contracted by translation
companies, I am familiar with goes on in the background and I would
suggest you find professional technical translators that suit your needs
and develop a relationship with them in order to have accurate and
consistent translated texts that support your company. Unfortunately too
often translation companies assign jobs without making sure that
translators are experienced in the field they will be translating about
and results can be seen in translated texts worldwide.

If you have other questions, just let me know. Are you also
localizing/translating into Italian?

My kind regards.

Marie Bertallot __ ATA (American Translators Association) member ___

* Italian, English, Spanish *
Translating, Localizing, Proofreading, Editing, Desktop Publishing,
Software Testing, Linguistic QA, Web Publishing, Web Design,
Linguistic and Cultural Consulting

MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, FrontPage, Internet Explorer
Adobe FrameMaker, Acrobat, PhotoShop, Illustrator
HTML Help, WinHelp, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Macromedia Flash

E-mail: translot -at- valinet -dot- com
Telephone: (413) 774-4910; Fax (24-hour): (413) 774-4910


I've had good experience with a company called Global Software Systems
International (GSSI). The work they did for us was a little different than
what you're looking for--they translated Frame 6-based manuals into Korean
and Japanese--but for all I know, Frame 7 and your languages are also within
their scope. Certainly from the customer service point of view, I thought
they did great work.
You can contact GSSI as follows.
Matt Grebisz
210 SW Morrison Street, Suite 300
Portland, OR 97204
(971) 222-1119
matt -dot- grebisz -at- g11n -dot- com
Good luck.
Andy Kubrin
Senior Technical Writer
FEI Company
akubrin -at- feico -dot- com

I am responding to your post on the FrameUser's and would like to offer the
services of Iverson Language Associates! We have handle all the languages
you detailed (an many, many more), are proficient in Frame, WebWork
Publisher and use translation memory tools.

My role as a technical writer of than 20+ years is to work with Iverson
clients as a Single-Sourcing, Content Management and Knowledge Management
Analyst. I also provide our in-house translation project managers with the
client perspective and production background. Iverson produces quality
translations performed by native speakers, has a rigorous quality control
process, has competitive pricing and returns production-ready document to
our clients. Dedicated project managers work closely with their specific
clients to ensure timely and accurate completion of projects that rangefrom
business cards and labels to complex technical manuals and websites.

Please visit us on the web at and be sure to call me
with any questions or concerns. We would appreciate the opportunity to
provide a quote for your upcoming project!

My Best,
Mollye Barrett
Mollye M. Barrett, Manager
Knowledge Management Services
Iverson Language Associates, Inc.
Milwaukee WI 53203
(414) 271-1144 X24

Iverson Language Associates, Inc. is a long-standing member
of the American Translators Association, and a Founding Member
of the Association of Language Companies.

I am based in Europe but we use 2 international vendors for our
localisations needs (20 European languages): Berlitz and Simultrans. I would
recommend you look into Simultrans as they're just around the corner from
you. I find them helpful, competitive, eager to learn and flexible. Berlirz
are fine. We are in manufacturing and our docs are in Word but localisation
vendors love Frame.



As Dick Gaskill warned, I'm recommending my current vendor, because I am
highly satisfied with them.
I moved from another vendor after our firm had used that one for several
years, then I issued an RFQ to ten vendors over a year ago, winnowed them to
three finalists, then selected this one.
I gather they are performing well for other corporate clients, including
Here's their contact info, also available from their web site [ ];
Scribe Consulting
Phone: (619) 235-2662
Fax: (619) 235-2664
info -at- scribeconsulting -dot- com
Scribe Consulting :: San Diego
3707 5th Avenue Suite 133
San Diego, California 92103

The main manager there is Terry Choate.
Al Rubottom, Manager
Technical Publications
Tyco Video Systems Division
tel: 858-642-2134

My name is Marguerite Gregory from International Language Services in
Minneapolis. Sharon Bradshaw from Dot Hill Systems in Carlsbad CA copied me
on an email she sent to you earlier today, recommending our services. I am
currently managing a large project for them, including FrameMaker manuals
and html help files.

I understand you are looking to have 7 FrameMaker manuals localized into
Swedish, German, English UK, and French.

We do a lot of translation and formatting of FrameMaker documents for
clients all across the United States. Working in this application is rather
advantageous when it comes to localizing.

Here is the basic process:
We convert the FM files to MIF format, and from there we run them through a
filter to create tagged rtf files. Most of the formatting information is
retained as non-editable protected tags.
Translators and editors translate the editable content in Word using a
translation memory tool such as Trados. This tool is simply a database that
allows us to store all translated content which can be leveraged for future
projects. All the content in this database is generated by the translator
and not by a machine.
Next we do a quality-check, validate the FM tags, and convert the files back
to MIF and FM file format.
Converted FM files are then sent to the formatter for final adjustments:
resolving cross-references, regenerating all generated files,
realphabetizing indexes, testing links, correcting any formatting
inconsistencies, etc.
Last step is a thorough quality control before final delivery of the files.
This tagging process speeds up and reduces the cost of formatting the
localized manuals. It also results in a reduced translation cost because of
the way FrameMaker integrates with the translation memory tools used to
store your content. A discount is applied to all leverageable content, so
the more common text you have within a manual or between manuals, the more
you'll save. Another important benefit of using translation memory tools is
increased consistency of terminology, style, and content within and between
documents or versions.

I would welcome the opportunity to talk to you some more about how we manage
projects, and if you would like an estimate, we'd be glad to prepare one for

You can reach me at (800) 225-8964 ext. 205. In the meantime, please visit
our website at for more information about our

I look forward to hearing from you.

International Language Services
5810 Baker Road - Suite 250
Minnetonka, MN 55345
Tel: (952) 934-5678 - (800) 225-8964
Fax: (952) 934-4543
Email: mgregory -at- ilstranslations -dot- com

I was given your name by a collegue of mine who had seen your need to
translate 7 Frame manuals into Swedish, German, UK English and French on a
list-serve recently. I hope that my email is not too late to compete for
your business.

Briefly, Iverson Language Associates ( has been
providing foreign language communications services to companies across the
US for over 16 years. Translating into these languages poses no problem for
our organization and we work in Frame regularly.

I would like to be able to send you some information about our organization
and/or talk with you on the phone about your needs. I hope that we can
provide a quote to you for the work that lies ahead. You can reach me at
this email address, or call me anytime: 888-757-1731.

Thank you for your time and consideration! I look forward to hearing back
from you.


Evan Franulovich
Account Executive

Iverson Language Associates, Inc.
P.O. Box 6
Government Camp, OR 97028
T: 888.757.1731/503.272.3400
F: 503.272.3401

Visit us on the web at:

Iverson Language Associates, Inc. is a long-standing member of
The American Translators Association, and a Founding Member of
the Association of Language Companies.

We have been notified that you are looking for a company for localization of

We are a Swedish company that can handle your mentioned localization matters
and we are interested to get more information from you about this project.

Best regards
Anders Lindberg, anders -dot- lindberg -at- siljanet -dot- com,

I've had good results using "Foreign Exchange Translations." Our in-country
reviewers say the translation quality is excellent. Prices are average;
technical knowledge, IMHO, is above average. We send Frame 7 files and have
seen only minor problems (font twiddling, that sort of thing). Over the last
several years I've also sent Word, Corel, Illustrator and PageMaker files.

FX has offices in Boston, Providence, Colorado and LA. I'm in Connecticut
and have no qualms about working by e-mail and FTP. They are quick to
respond to any questions or issues, including when *I* make errors (forgot
some text, or please swap this new file for the previous one...) They also
seem more stable than many of the companies out there--same project
managers, good growth. That's important. We started with another agency a
few years ago, tried other agencies here and there, but have developed a
good solid, working relationship with FX that keeps me going back.

We're a medium sized medical equipment manufacturer ($55m)--I've never felt
like we are placed in lower priority than the big guys.

Here's the website address:

Good luck!


Linda Hughes
Technical Writer / Translation Coordinator
Respironics Novametrix
203-265-7701 x6314
linda -dot- hughes -at- respironics -dot- com

A friend of mine monitors the technical writers list that you recently
posted to, and he forwarded your message to me.

I am President and Senior Translator of a mid-sized translation company
based in Pittsburgh, PA. We work with a wide variety of customers, and
would be able to help you out with your translation needs. I personally
have been in the Translation and Interpreting industry for nearly 15 years,
and I am on the Board of Directors of the American Translators Association
and teach translation at a local university.

As a company we are committed to providing high quality foreign language
services. We use only full-time, trained professional translators who are
experts in their respective fields. All texts are proofread by a 2nd
individual, with equivalent qualifications. In the case of larger,
multi-translator projects, one translator is designated the leader of the
team, in order to maintain consistent terminology throughout the project.

We would have no problem working with FrameMaker files. Could you please
let me know what version / platform you are running? If you would also
provide the following information, I will prepare a rough estimate of the
cost involved:
- PDF sample of the manuals, as well as a description of the subject
matter involved
- Number of manuals, number of pages per manual.
- Is there a significant number of graphics involved in any of the

We are able to deliver the completed files electronically via FTP or email,
and we could also provide CD-ROMs of the final version.

I look forward to hearing back from you. Feel free to contact me at this
email address or at the coordinates listed below.

Robert Sette
Translation Services Inc.
Toll free: 888.565.8240
Fax: 412.242.1241
rsette -at- translationservicesinc -dot- com

FrameMaker-to-PDF TimeSavers Assistants let you enhance & automate navigation
in PDF doc sets (chapter tabs, next/prev chapter/pg, bookmarks, popup menus);
create interactive PDF forms, rollover popups; presentations:

Experience RoboHelp X3! This new RoboHelp release combines single sourcing,
print-quality documentation, conditional text and much more, into the most
monumental release of RoboHelp ever!

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