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Subject: Re: Best idea of the week, make that year. Yeah, yeah, I know the year just started
From: "Chuck Martin" <cm -at- writeforyou -dot- com>
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Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2004 10:38:25 -0800

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> > >
> > > But that's exactly part of the UI designer's job:
> > to
> > > make sure users get the
> > > information they need, when they need it. If the
> > > business rules don't
> > > currently accommmodate that, then change the
> > > business rules.
> > >
> > > The thing is, it's so easy to defend bad
> > practices.
> > > "The file doens't have
> > > that information." Well why the heck not? Far too
> > >

> As for the idea of changing the business rules that
> cause the situation: it may be a good idea but it
> cannot possibly be done by a UI designer. Any changes
> to how the monthly statements are done would have to
> be directed by some corporate executive.

Most business executives do not have the training and experience in product
design, both the UI and the underlying architecture. Business executives not
hiring the right people that know how to design a system to best serve its
users aren't very good at their jobs.

Any changes
> to the data in the files that are exchanged between
> processors, credit card companies and selling
> companies would have to be coordinated between all of
> them or nothing would work. (It may even require
> coordination with the Federal Reserve and the banks.)

Well, yeah. I never said it would be easy.

> It would be pointless for the selling company to
> include the name of its products in the data it sends
> to the processor, if the processor does not pass that
> data to the credit card company. It would be pointless
> to include *any* data that the credit card company
> just lets fall into the bit bucket and doesn't use in
> any way. Making such changes would require widespread
> changes in business practices, database management,
> data interfaces, financial management procedures, and
> CRM policies. These are not in the job description of
> the UI designer or even within his realm of
> possibility. I can't think of any company where a UI
> designer could have a reasonable expectation that he
> would be listened to if he sent the executives
> messages about how they need to make such changes.

But when that information would be useful to the user, making their
interaction with the information they are getting easier (and eliminating
the need to design and create follow-up messages), that is indeed part of
the UI designer--or the more appropriately titled interaction designer.

UI designers, like other members of the product team, in well-run
organizations, work with product managers, not business executives. Said
product managers decide on the final product design, which is supposed to
align with the business goals set out by the executives.

If said executives were given a choice bewteen taking the time (once) to
update the underlying system design or taking the time (over and over) to
send out clarifying messages and handling support calls from those who still
don't understand, which one seems most reasonable for long-term success?

> I agree that it would be nice if the monthly credit
> card statements told people everything they want to
> know. But it is not likely because making it happen
> would be more trouble than it is worth to the
> companies involved, and it could be done only at a
> very high level. I hope this clarifies my meaning on
> this thread. This is my assessment of the situation,
> not a defense of it.
Good, usable design almost always takes a larger investment of initial
resources, but time and time again that investment has proven to be more
successful and profitable in the long run.

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