Re: I've been spammed!

Subject: Re: I've been spammed!
From: "T. Word Smith" <techwordsmith -at- yahoo -dot- com>
To: TECHWR-L <techwr-l -at- lists -dot- raycomm -dot- com>
Date: Wed, 25 Feb 2004 06:28:44 -0800 (PST)

I had similar trouble with a similar not-to-be-named
help-authoring-tool vendor before they changed their
name and long before they were were bought by a larger
company, back at version "6" of their tool.

While I was a user of their product, I e-mailed them
and asked to be removed from their marketing list. I
telephoned them to ask to be removed from their list,
and was told that I was. I wrote "hardcopy" letters,
and even CC'd my state's attorney general asking to be
removed from their spam list. I did all of this more
than once; and while the e-mail diminished, it did not
end and, still the "hardcopy" spam kept coming.

So, I stopped using their tool. And still it came.

Only by changing employers did I escape the clutches
of their marketing department.

Since then, I have continued to use another tool ...
and am very happy with WebWorks Publisher ... and,
over time, I've mellowed. At my new gig, I
occasionally get hardcopy spam from that original tool
vendor, for my current employer used to use their
product before my arrival, but that's okay. I'm older,
wiser, and care not so much any more.

You see, "I believe I?ve passed the age of
consciousness and righteous rage ... I found that just
surviving was a noble fight. I once believed in causes
too, I had my pointless point of view, And (surprise)
life went on no matter who was wrong or right ...."

So, they lost me as a customer, in part at least 50%
due to their marketing practice. Today, I'd not jump
ship for that, but back then, I could and I did.
Making me move back is not so easy because I'm happy
where I am. Bad timing on their part .... In the end,
though, everyone has to make a living and it's just a
software tool, not a religion. <g>

Where were we?

--- Chuck Martin <cm -at- writeforyou -dot- com> wrote:
> Why? Because the spam--two of them, one each to 2 of
> the email addresses
> I've used in this group--from a company within our
> industry. I have such a
> strong desire to out-and-out name the company and
> advocate that no one use
> or buy their product. But unless Eric himself were
> to say it's OK, I'll keep
> the company's name out of public posts.
> I don't mind getting at least one postcard a month
> from that Very Big Help
> Tool Vendor (that just got bought by a bigger
> software company), although
> they're (a) preaching to the converted and (b)
> sending them to places where
> I no longer work. But spam from within the TECHWR-L
> industry deserves
> blackballing.


> And I know I have never had any business
> relationship with this company,
> whcih is not a U.S. company. I did check out their
> web site and looked at
> the history of the company officers. (I also noted
> two significant usability
> problems right off the bat: that the site requires a
> plug in for some of its
> content and that it quotes prices in a non-U.S.
> currency.)

> Not that it'll make any difference, but who knows,
> maybe someone will
> realize that you shouldn't send spam to someone
> who's spent the whole day
> writing a documentation plan instead of writing
> documentation.


"Money makes the world go 'round is an incomplete statement; money is the fuel, and stupidity is the short bus that burns it." (Bill Swallow-02/04)

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