Re: I've been spammed!

Subject: Re: I've been spammed!
From: "Chuck Martin" <cm -at- writeforyou -dot- com>
To: techwr-l
Date: Wed, 25 Feb 2004 10:37:08 -0800

"Geoff Hart" <ghart -at- videotron -dot- ca> wrote in message news:230110 -at- techwr-l -dot- -dot- -dot-
> Chuck Martin has been spammed by <<... a company within our industry. I
> have such a strong desire to out-and-out name the company and advocate
> that no one use or buy their product.>>
> Best beware. Were I interested in doing significant damage to a
> competitor, I'd hire a spammer to promote the company for me: use their
> PR information, hawk their product, provide contact information (real
> Web site etc.). Upside: Everyone who receives the spam will be annoyed
> by my competitor. Downside? If I'm caught, I can always claim I was
> doing pro bono work: "They make a great product, and I thought I'd
> share that news with everyone. So what if they compete with me? Healthy
> competition is good for the industry."
One reason why I leaned toward not naming the company publicly.

But I did look through the message headers and saw no indications of
forgery, tricks that Spam Assassin is pretty good at catching and most
likely would have flagged.

I'm not sure small companies in this industry have a high need to spam
because some of the larger companies have been so good at shooting
themselves in the foot.

Chuck Martin
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twriter "at" sonic "dot" net

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