Re: Mozart Effect (WAS RE: Quiet workplace)

Subject: Re: Mozart Effect (WAS RE: Quiet workplace)
From: "Richard G. Combs" <richard -dot- combs -at- voyanttech -dot- com>
To: techwr-l
Date: Fri, 5 Mar 2004 13:55:04 -0700

Ken Stitzel wrote:

> More interesting comments about Meyers-Briggs, etc. Being a Johnson
> bigot, I usually analyze work habits in terms of aptitudes rather than
> personality types. <snip>

I'm a few days behind on this list, so I wasn't going to comment on this
interesting thread until Ken brought up aptitude testing. In a previous
life, I worked for the Johnson O'Connor Research Foundation. Although we
didn't part on good terms, I highly recommend their aptitude testing to
anyone with the time and money to spare. It's especially helpful if you
don't know what you want to do when you grow up -- whatever your age. ;-)

As Ken said, the O'Connor theory is that unused aptitudes can be a problem.
My own testing revealed that I should have been an audio engineer. Or a
systems analyst. Or a drummer. Or all of the above...

As for listening to music while working, someone (/kevin?) mentioned being
distracted by it. Based on my own experience, I think that's a symptom of
having strong musical aptitudes -- especially unsatisfied ones.

When I hear something even half-way interesting, musically, my brain gloms
onto it. That's OK while cleaning house, driving, formatting text, etc. But
it doesn't work when I'm trying to think of _what to write_. I can't
_create_ text -- or anything else, for that matter -- while listening to

Of course, I pretty much can't create anything else anyway. ;-)


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