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TECHWR-L Premium Ads
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In this posting, look for the following ...

ANN: Help & Manual offers Source Code Docs for Visual Studio

and at the end you'll find the concluding administrivia with
information about these ads and how to place your own.


ANN: Help & Manual delivers Source Documentation for Visual Studio

Help & Manual from EC Software has always been the best tool for
writing online help for software applications. With its power and ease
of use, Help & Manual is firmly established as the favorite help
authoring tool for software developers across all languages. Its the
perfect solution for creating and updating application help and
documentation in multiple formats.

Source code documentation is a slightly different story, however. All
serious programmers know their source code needs to be documented. The
question is how, in how much detail and in which format. Source code
documentation belongs in the source code, you will say. And youre
absolutely right!

For Microsoft Visual Studio programmers, there is already a de facto
standard for source code documentation: Microsoft Sandcastle, a
command line tool that extracts source code comments and outputs HTML
or compiled HTML Help, ready to deploy. But Sandcastle does not have a
text editor, and Help & Manual now fills this gap in a stunning

Help & Manual now runs Microsoft Sandcastle to read your Visual Studio
source code and comments, builds the documentation structure for your
functions and classes, integrating the comments found in the source.
Then, instead of compiling the finished CHM or HTML files, it
transforms the Sandcastle XML data into a Help & Manual XML project,
which you can then edit in Help & Manual, alone or in a team, and
publish in any of the many supported output formats.

That gives you two documentation tools in one! Help & Manual is an
integrated XML-based help authoring suite for developing interactive
help in HTML-based formats and print-style documentation as PDF files.
It radically simplifies and accelerates the documentation process with
an intuitive user interface that is very similar to the modern word
processors that all computer users are already familiar with. Authors
can focus on writing and editing their content rather than struggling
with the details and quirks of multiple output formats all that is
handled by the program.

Help & Manual 5.4 is available from $349 per single user license
(Standard) to $499 (Professional Edition).

You can download a free trial of Help & Manual from the link below.
Note that for source code documentation, Microsoft Sandcastle needs to
be installed separately!

Download Help & Manual (14 days trial):

Download Microsoft Sandcastle (free):

About posting ads:
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directly each day for a week.

In an effort to provide a free service that allows you to post
announcements, jobs, and events, however, we have established other

The TECHWR-L Calendar provides a free resource for you
to post announcements, activities, and events:

These resources are available at no cost to anyone, posters
or seekers, TECHWR-L subscribers or not. We encourage you to
regularly use these free services.

For jobs, announcements, and events that you specifically
want to be mailed directly to all 5100+ TECHWR-L subscribers
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