RoboHelp 9 vs. Flare 7

Subject: RoboHelp 9 vs. Flare 7
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Subject: RE: [HATT] RoboHelp 9 vs. Flare 7

Although I've been a RoboHelp user for several years, I started using MadCap
Flare last year for a new client. This month, I'll be doing a RoboHelp 8
project for one client while doing a MadCap Flare 7 project for another
client. Each program is good and bad; depending upon the intended output.

If your output is primarily WebHelp, then RoboHelp is the better selection.
By the same token, if your output is PDF, WORD and WebHelp, then MadCap
Flare is the better selection.

Of the two programs, MadCap is better suited for content management.
RoboHelp is better suited for interactive content.

Hope this helps

Will Husa
Technical Writer
Will Husa Documentation Solutions
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Subject: [HATT] RoboHelp 9 vs. Flare 7

Most recently, I used Flare 7 to create online help. I just started a new
job where an authoring tool has not yet been ordered but mgmt is leaning
towards RoboHelp 9. I haven't used RoboHelp in at least 6 years (version I
last used was probably RoboHelp 5) but understand there were some problems
with it for a while. Would like to hear from those of you who are using
RoboHelp 9, particularly if you also know Flare and can make some

Thanks - Ruth Markham

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