Re: documentation woes

Subject: Re: documentation woes
From: Justine Correa <correaj -at- SDSC -dot- EDU>
Date: Tue, 9 Mar 1993 22:17:08 GMT

I hope this is helpful:

>My problem is that we have so many different
>people accessing many different systems in many different ways. We have
>been sticking with paper docs because some users access the system via
>line mode, some dial-up, some use dedicated terminals, and some are spread
>across this whole town.
>Is there something I am missing--like online documentation authoring systems
>for mainframe computer systems? Perhaps there are good (also affordable and
>easy) hypertext development tools available for mainframe systems--does any one
>know about this?


We have a utility on our CRAY Y-MP (written by a programmer here) that lets
users view documents we have formatted with eroff (I know, blech.) They can
also save and print, but I think the view option is used most commonly. If
this sounds like a possible answer to your problem, I can check into it for

>Forgive me if you are on a list where I've brought this problem up before,
>but I spend (waste?) a lot of time on these graphics conversions and keep
>thinking there must be someone out there with a simple answer.

>Joan Marie Laflamme

The SDSC Image Tools (available via anon ftp) have saved my life numerous
times. I often have .rbg image files from researchers that FrameMaker can't
understand, and one quick and easy command later I have a .pict file that
Frame happily imports. Again, if you think this could solve your problems,
let me know. (The Image Tools do lots of other spiffy stuff, this is just
one application.)

>Sorry to be so wordy. I've violated my own rule for list postings--If it is
>longer than one screen, I'm not interested.

Except which one screen are you talking about? A Mac SE or an SGI? It's all


Justine Correa
Writer, San Diego Supercomputer Center
correaj -at- sdsc -dot- edu, 619/534-5143, fax: 5117

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