undergrads and e-mail

Subject: undergrads and e-mail
From: "Julianne Edmunds (463-4848)" <EDMUNDSJ -at- STLVM27 -dot- VNET -dot- IBM -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 26 Mar 1993 10:53:01 PST

I think it's great that you are having your technical writing
students monitor the mailing list, and I think it would be fine
to have them participate. I'm a recent college grad ('91), and I
only learned about the Internet through my computer science major
friends. It's an invaluable tool; if your students have access
to newsgroups or other mailing lists, I would suggest that they
find ones they're interested in and follow them (there are many
interesting ones!) Many participants on these newsgroups and lists
are the programmers and engineers that will be your students' future
audience as technical writers, and the better one understands
one's audience, the better one can write for it. I would advise,
though, that your students just read their group-of-choice awhile
before diving into the discussions.

As for e-mail, it's a tremendous tool for technical writing.
One disadvantage, however, is that often times people send and
receive so much e-mail (especially at my company) that the recipients
miss things or do not read items on time. And often times you
just can't replace a face-to-face meeting.

If your students would like more information about using e-mail
or how I like technical writing, they can send me e-mail directly.
I'd be happy to help.

Julianne :-)

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