Re: STC (and other societies)

Subject: Re: STC (and other societies)
From: Joseph T Chew <JTCHEW -at- LBL -dot- BITNET>
Date: Wed, 17 Mar 1993 13:22:15 PST

STC stands for "Society for Technical Communication" and is
the largest of several relevant professional/scholarly
societies. STC per se is not on the Internet, but Binion
Amerson <aba -at- oc -dot- com,aba -at- hp835 -dot- mitek -dot- com> seems quite willing
to discuss the subject. He's the general manager od their
Annual Conference (Dallas, Texas, USA, June 6-9, 1993).
The STC's headquarters is at

Society for Technical Communication
901 N. Stuart Street, Suite 904
Arlington, VA 22203-1854

There's also the IEEE PCS. That's the Professional Communication
Society under the aegis of the Institute of Electrical and
Electronics Engineers. They run the International Professional
Communication Conference or IPCC (if you need any more acronyms,
just ask; I can get them free straight from the government. :)
This year's IPCC is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, in
October. Contact Dave Kemp <d_kemp -at- ieee -dot- org> (or is that d.kemp?)
for more information. Or Bill Kehoe <wpk -at- aplcomm -dot- jhuapl -dot- edu>.

They each publish a journal. My impression is that STC is more
oriented toward the computer industry, PCS toward the military-
industrial complex, though both cover somewhat the same
intellectual territory. STC is more active in more places at
the local level, making it valuable as a schmoozing venue for
contractors and job-seekers.

Disclaimer: I belong to both and speak for neither.


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