Re: a new keyboard

Subject: Re: a new keyboard
From: Philip Bernick <philip -at- MTL -dot- CL -dot- NEC -dot- CO -dot- JP>
Date: Tue, 23 Mar 1993 11:44:57 JST

> David's answer is quite correct. Instead of a keyboard with individual
> displays, (Do you really look at the keys much?) why not go for the rainbow
> of voice recognition? Wouldn't "Set left margin at 2 inches" be much
> better than obscure key combinations that keep sight impaired people as
> second class computer users?

> Maureen

Actually, lots of people would like to develop that solution--but
think of the enormous technical roadblocks. Human beings have a
difficult time using words to communicate, and we're pretty smart.
Computers aren't. Plus, voice recognition requires an enormous amount
of processing power (lots more than the desktop publisher you're
setting margins for), fast-big memory systems, and a huge knowledge
base (not the least of which includes who is talking, the language
being used, the task, etc.) But hey, we're working on it! We like to
think of it as a "Smart" interface. Of course, the new question
might be "why do we need to set margins?" :)


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