A listing of all the symbols you could imag

Subject: A listing of all the symbols you could imag
From: lpraderio <lpraderi -at- CLIFF -dot- WHOI -dot- EDU>
Date: Thu, 8 Apr 1993 14:13:21 EDT


Chet Cady had mentioned e-mail symbols in a message and I remembered that I had
a handy-dandy list of symbols. I find these very useful because communicating
online can be difficult when people can't hear you laugh, or smile, or snort....

For the most part, these symbols are good, but some are downright sexist and
discriminatory. What I've done at work is culled the list to eliminate the bad
ones and now hand the "clean version" out at conferences and to users at work.
So I must stress that you would want to review and remove some of the symbols
(unfortunately sexism and bigotry has gone online as well).

I don't know where this list came from, some useful USENET newsgroup I think.

Use it as you will.

B-) (My favorite symbol: person with glasses smiling!)

Laura Praderio
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
lpraderio -at- whoi -dot- edu

#-) submitter partied all night
#:-) :-) done by someone with sort of matted hair
#:-o "Oh, nooooooo!" (a la Mr. Bill)
%-) person submitting has been staring at the terminal for 36 hours;
submitter is cross-eyed;
submitter with long bangs
%-^ submitter is Picasso
%*} submitter is very drunk
'-) Submitter only has a left eye, which is closed
':-) submitter accidentally shaved off one of his eyebrows this morning
(-) submitter needing a haircut
(-: submitter is Don Ellis from Tektronix;
submitter is left-handed
(-E: submitter wears bifocals
(:)-) submitter likes to scuba dive
(:-( unsmiley frowning
(:-) smiley big-face
(:I egghead
)8-) scuba smiley big-face
):-( unsmiley big-face
):-) smiley big-face
*-( Cyclops got poked in the eye
*:o) submitter is a Bozo
*<|:-) submitter is Santa Claus (Ho Ho Ho)
+-(:-) Submitter is the pope
+:-) smiley priest
+<:-) "Peace be upon you, my children..."
,-} wry and winking
-:-) submitter sports a mohawk and admires Mr. T
->=:-)X Zippy the Pinhead
.-) Submitter has one eye
.-( Always should wear safety classes.
-( Especially in the laser burn-in room.
.-] one-eyed smilely
0-) smiley cyclops (scuba diver?);
submitter is an arc-welder;
submitter wearing scuba mask
0:-) angel
3:o[ net.pets
8 :-I net.unix-wizards
8 ] submitter is ponochio
8-) smiley swimmer;
submitter wears glasses
wide-eyed look
8:-) glasses on forehead;
submitter is a little girl
8:] normal smiling face except that submitter is a gorilla
8*) smile with glasses and a moustache
8^ submitter is a chicken
:%)% submitter has acne
:*) drunk smiling face, for those of us who like get intoxicated
before or while reading netnews;
smile with moustache
:- prolog programmer
:-! smiley bland face
:-# Respondent's lips are sealed;
:-#| smiley face with bushy mustache
:-$ smiley face with it's mouth wired shut
:-% Respondent has beard.
smiley banker
:-& smiley which is tongue-tied
:-'| submitter has a cold
:-( Submitter has read too many 'smiley' articles.;
boo hoo;
sad face, 'that comment makes me sad [mad]'
:-(*) submitter is getting sick of most recent netnews articles and is
about to vomit
:-) ha ha;
the normal smiling face, appended to a sentence or an article
means 'this is a joke' or 'this is supposed to make you laugh'
:-)' submitter tends to drool
:-)-{8 submitter is a big girl
:-)8 submitter is well dressed
:-* smiley after eating something bitter;
submitter just ate a sour pickle
8-* (Just ate a hot pepper)
:-/ lefty undecided smiley
:-0 smiley orator
:-1 smiley bland face
:-6 smiley after eating something sour
:-7 smiley after a wry statement
:-8( condescending stare
:-9 smiley licking it's lips
:-: mutant smiley
:-< real sad smiley
:-=) older smiley with mustache
:-> hey hey;
normal smiling face with deformed lips, same as above except person
who submitted it has problems with their lips
:-? smilely smoking a pipe
:-@ Respondent's beard has permanent wave *or* was drawn by Picasso.;
smiley face screaming
:-D Submitter talks too much;
Wider happy face
:-I hmm
:-O uh oh
:-P nyah nyah
:-Q smoker
:-X bow tie
:-[ un-smiley blockhead;
biting criticism smiling face, ditto for criticism
:-\ undecided smiley;
popeye smiling face, for people who look like popeye
:-] smiley blockhead;
biting sarcasm smiling face, used when sarcasm is intended, since
we cannot inflect our voice over the net
:-` smiley spitting out its chewing tobacco
:-a lefty smilely touching tongue to nose
:-b left-pointing tongue smiley
:-c bummed out smiley
:-d lefty smiley razzing you
:-e disappointed smiley
:-i semi-smiley
:-j left smiling smilely
:-k beats me, looks like something, tho.
:-l y. a. s.
:-o Submitter is shocked;
smiley singing national anthem;
"Oh, nooooooo!" (a la Mr. Bill)
:-p smiley sticking its tongue out (at you!)
:-q smiley trying to touch its tongue to its nose
:-s smiley after a BIZARRE comment
:-t cross smiley
:-v talking head smiley
:-x "my lips are sealed" smiley
:-z y.a.c.s.
:-{ mustache;
smiley variation on a theme
:-{) normal smiling face with a moustache, same as #1 except submitter
has moustache
:-{~ submitter has read too many of the toilet paper articles previous
to lunch
:-| "have an ordinary day" smiley;
no expression face, 'that comment doesn't phase me'
:-} beard;
normal smiling face with pretty lips, same as #1 except person that
submitted it is wearing lipstick or some other lip appearance
improving device
:-} respondent wears lipstick
::-) respondent wears glasses
:< midget unsmiley
:<| submitter attends an Ivy League school
:=) Submitter has two noses
:> midget smiley
:>) submitter has a big nose
:^( submitter has had his nose put out of joint. Useful for replying to
:^) smiley with pointy nose (righty)
:n) smiley with funny-looking right nose
:u) smiley with funny-looking left nose
:v) left-pointing nose smiley
:~) smiling face needs a nosejob, no explanation necessary
;-( sad face gets his lights punched out, sad or mad and got beat up,
or 'that makes me so mad that if I ever see you I'll punch your
lights out'
;-) winking smiley;
smiling face gets his lights punched out (could be pirate smiling
face??), submitter is a practical joker who played one too
many and got beat up
;-\ popeye gets his lights punched out
;-| no expression face gets his lights punched out, says nothing but
still gets beat up
<:I dunce
<|-(= Submitter is chinese and doesn't like this article.
<|-)= Submitter is chinese. (sorry bout that)
=:-#} smiley punk with a mustache....
=:-( (real punk rockers don't smile)
=:-) smiley punk-rocker;
submitter is a hosehead
/;-) submitter has one big thick cockeyed eyebrow
\:-( Poster is a Scottish Highland Bagpiper!
>:-) devil
>:-< mad
>:-I net.startrek
>;-) devilish wink
>w (nose-thumbing gesture)
@-) person submitting is Cyclops
@-( "Ulysses! Bring me Ulysses!"
@:I turban
@= Flame about nuclear war, power or weapons follows (mushroom cloud)
B-) horn-rims
B-| person submitting is wearing cheap sunglasses
C=:-) chef
C=>8*) a devilish chef with glasses and a moustache
E-:-I net.ham-radio
O |-) net.religion
O-) Megaton Man, on patrol!
P-) person submitting is getting fresh
X-( net.suicide
[:-) Submitter is listening to walkman thingy.
[:|] submitter is a robot (or other appropriate AI project)
g-) smiley with ponce-nez glasses
o-) submitter is a cyclops
o-<:-{{{ submitter is santa
smiley invisible man
{(:-) Submitter is wearing toupee.
{:-) smiley with its hair parted in the middle
|-) Submitter is asleep (boredom);
hee hee;
Same as :-) but poster is Oriental
|-( asleep with nightmares
|-D ho ho
|-P yuk
}(:-( Submitter, wearing toupee in wind.
}:-) above in an updraft
}:^#}) mega-smiley: updrafted bushy-mustached pointy nosed smiley
with a double-chin
~~:-( net.flame
~== Flame follows (supposed to be a lit match or candle)
:------------) (submitter is a big liar)

/ \
| RIP |
|_____| Submitter has recently died

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