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Subject: Re: Welcome and how to leave
From: Daniel John Brinegar <6545 -at- EF -dot- GC -dot- MARICOPA -dot- EDU>
Date: Tue, 27 Apr 1993 12:06:18 -0700

Re: Self-directed/disciplined netting....
> Author : Len Olszewski <saslpo -at- UNX -dot- SAS -dot- COM>
> Subject : Re: Welcome and how to leave
> Written : 04/27/93.06:35am

> >
> > Peter Montgomery wrote:
> > Amen! Anything to reduce all these *garbage* requests!
> >
> > Michael McClatchey

> Wow, talk about hitting a raw nerve! You can tell this is a list for
> technical writers, since there is an evident abundance of animosity
> seething under the surface directed at people who don't RTFM.
> So keep those garbage requests coming. Every time I see one, I hear a
> cash register ring inside of my head. And my boy needs a new pair of
> shoes for the summer...

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Now, my opinions are merely those of an indoctrinated, but
not-terribly-experienced writer/student (Okay, I'm 33 and My Dad is a

I've bought into the Bill Horton/Ray Noorda/Alan Hald Campaign for Obvious
Systems.... And I've had some experience making our online documentation
here at GCC MOre obvious than it was before.... but there's still the
problem of users who wont read anything we write for them, let a lone
actually go look for it...

I've found that in preparing to write Help for our new access to the Nets
that *I* hafta look pretty long and hard to find stuff, and zenlike
serenity, or talking to Net Gurus isnt always the easiest thing to do....

It took me about a week to actually find how to do anything useful on the
nets, and I think the Mailer-Daemons worldwide knew what I would wear that
day by the time I actually got something done....

Does anyone have further thoughts on the future of net-documentation?

When I look into my Net-Help folder, and contemplate how I'm gonna be able
to get users to read those screens, I start to worry.... Cos insteada
blaming the Net, or Blaming their Computer Illiteracy, they'll blame me
when their mail goes off to the never-never...

Thanks for the time

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