Re: Net-Docs

Subject: Re: Net-Docs
From: Daniel John Brinegar <6545 -at- EF -dot- GC -dot- MARICOPA -dot- EDU>
Date: Tue, 27 Apr 1993 15:19:06 -0700

Eric Ray said:
> Written : 04/27/93.01:53pm

> Dan B said:
> ....

> >Does anyone have further thoughts on the future of net-documentation?

> >Thanks for the time

Here's Eric's Comment (Darn Line editors)

> We need some, it needs to be comprehensive and easy to use, and I haven't the
> foggiest idea of how to do all of the above. I wonder if others on the list
> would be interested in sharing or collaborating on some form of net-docs.

> Len said:

> > Naturally, people should *always* read ALL of the directions, and
> >remember them too. If they can't remember them, they should put them
> >where they can get to them, and retrieve the necessary information when
> >the situation requires it.

> We have recently started looking at ways to develop "independent users"
> who will try to help themselves rather than making phone calls first and
> reading the documentation, if necessary, later. Short of redesigning
> the software or the interface, which in many cases isn't an option, what can
> done to encourage people to use the stuff? Have any of you embarked on such a
> venture?


I mailed at Eric Ray about this message, and asked him if he thought there
could be a work group at an annual conference....

But, then it occured to me:

If there isnt, why not use the JUST BE THERE approach and come up with one...

I'm certain there's a lotta folks out there looking for an opportunity
(like I was last year with EF HELP) to actually do something and get
noticed for it.... in school, for cheap....

Probably the keys to making the nets more accessible include standardised
documentation (Just as many sites now have Gophers and WAIS), with an
accessible interface..... It cant be that hard

(benu's tummy rumbles, as he gets ready to mail at a programmer....)

I imagine some of us could bring this up at Dallas in June.... and
whattabout regional conferences?


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