A question/comment (was "Compuserve addresses")

Subject: A question/comment (was "Compuserve addresses")
From: Larry Slack <L -dot- Slack -at- CORNELL -dot- EDU>
Date: Wed, 5 May 1993 21:29:00 -0400

Hello all,

>>Does anyone know what addressing technique to use to send a message
>>from the Internet to CompuServe?
>>Chris Loris
>>harris -dot- cloris -at- ic1d -dot- harris -dot- com
>>p.s. Jon Prescott, I meant your Internet Address name -at- domain

>Try using xxxx -dot- xxxx -at- CompuServe -dot- com where xxxx.xxxx is the person's
>CompuServe number.

>Binion Amerson

Yes, Binion is correct. This example (xxxx -dot- xxxx -at- CompuServe -dot- com) does work.
I would only add that the original Compuserve address (last time I looked)
would be in this format:

XXXX,XXXX (note the comma)

and NOT in this format:

XXXX.XXXX (note the dot)...

... in case some of us rush to mail friends with Compuserve addresses, only
to think we got the original address wrong...

Which leads me to a question/comment on electronic communications: has
anyone else noted how easy it is to make an innocent comment in E-Mail only
to be "flamed" for that comment? I would guess the reason I see far less
of that on this list is that as a group we tend to think more about what we
are putting down on CPU screen ... changing, editing, until we have it The
Way We Want It (TM) before we send it off for several reasons; (1) because
of a sense of responsibility for what we have attempted to communicate and
(2) because we work with words/communications so much and are used to
editing; it may not be War and Peace but it's my comments and part of my
right to speak is a responsibility to communicate my thoughts effectively
while attempting to offend no one.

I used to perform music full-time, now it's a part-time thing. I may have
a ability to perform but even so, if the performance is sloppy to me, I
still feel driven to communicate it The Way I Want It the next time. I may
go back to rehearse it again jusat so that I can be certain for that next
time. The beauty of E-Mail (or for that matter, word processing vs a
typewriter and a single piece of paper) is that one can "rehearse" what you
want to communicate, carefuly hone the message, and then send it off when
you have it The Way You Want It. I still may mis-communicate something (or
blather on, sorta' like ... now!) but at least I took the opportunity to
"rehearse" what I wanted to communicate.

I suppose I wish more folks would take the time to "rehearse"? I remember
hearing that although we have made great strides in technology, we still
have a lot to learn as responsible humans (and communicating is a part of
being human). To my way of thinking, the current state of the average
E-Mail note is a perfect example.


Larry Slack

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