Re: A question/comment (was "Compuserve addresses")

Subject: Re: A question/comment (was "Compuserve addresses")
From: Vicki Rosenzweig <murphy!acmcr!vr -at- UUNET -dot- UU -dot- NET>
Date: Thu, 6 May 1993 09:23:11 EDT

I think you're right on this one. My only addition is that many
people don't seem to think of email as writing, but as conversation.
As writers, we're used to the fact that our printed words lack
the context of tone of voice and body language, and that we therefore
have to pay more attention to phrasing. People who are thinking of
this as a conversation may be more likely to assume, perhaps
subconsciously, that the recipient will know that they didn't mean
to offend, even though the smile on the sender's face isn't
transmitted across the wires.

Vicki Rosenzweig
vr%acmcr -dot- uucp -at- murphy -dot- com

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