Re: A question/comment (was "Compuserve addresses")

Subject: Re: A question/comment (was "Compuserve addresses")
From: Fred M Jacobson <fred -at- BOOLE -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 6 May 1993 08:41:13 PDT

> Which leads me to a question/comment on electronic communications: has
> anyone else noted how easy it is to make an innocent comment in E-Mail only
> to be "flamed" for that comment?

List server lists, news groups, bulletin boards, online "chat" services,
and the like bring together people who respond quickly with incorrect
information, unpopular opinions, and careless errors (those who "shoot from
the hip") and people who express their anger, frustration, or impatience
by strongly criticizing others who make mistakes or with whom they disagree
(those who "flame") in a forum where they cannot get into a fist fight.
Two more observations: (1) Sometimes (often?) the same individual falls
into both groups. (B) Observers may be angered, frustrated, or amused by
the interchanges.

PS- I am strongly against catagorizing and characterizing people. This
does not, it seems, keep me from doing it. :-) -F

-Fred Jacobson
Product Center Writer
Boole & Babbage Network Systems
fred -at- boole -dot- com

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