Re: Contract??

Subject: Re: Contract??
From: Michael Fraase <mfraase -at- FARCES -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 12 May 1993 22:13:46 -0600

> I'm writing a third party vendor book called "DOS Programs In OS/2 2.1"
> and have two interested publishers. Both are sending me contracts. I'
> ve got no experience doing this, however (dealing with publishers).

> Any advice from the tech writing community?

Um, let's see, right off the top of my head and after a very long day...

The best thing I've ever learned is to negotiate the non-compete clause for a
*specific* version of the software. In your case, the clause should state
that you won't write a competing work for OS/2 v2.1 (but you'd be free to
write a competing work for v3.0).

Remember that everything's negotiable.

The advance the publisher is willing to pay is directly equivalent to what
the publisher thinks it will have to pay you in the first year's royalties.

Make sure you get an audit clause that lets you send an accountant in to
audit their books.

Don't agree to a work-for-hire.

If you agree to give them first-right-of-refusal for your next project, make
sure there's a reasonable time limit (30 days is plenty).

I'll try for more tomorrow if I get a chance.

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