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Subject : STC BBS Service
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From the STC INTERCOM, Sept, 92

By Sherry Southard
Senior Member
East Carolina University
Student Chapter

STC now offers and intern and intenship listing service. Information
about students seeking internships and employers offering internships in
technical communication will be available on the STC electronic bulletin
board system (BBS).

As STC members, you can help by:
*encouraging your employers to list suitable work experiences

*encouraging your employers to hire students listed

*publicizing information about this service at chapter meetings.

If you are a student member of STC and are looking for a working
experience to serve as part of your academic program, list yourself.
(In addition, dont forget about the STC publication "Internships in
Technical Communication: A Guide for Students, Faculty Supervisors, and
Internship Supervisors" Edited by Bege K. Bowers and Chuck Nelson.)


Students listing themselves must be seeking work experiences that will be
part of their academic programs in technical communications. "Internships"

refer to work experiences such as internships, co-ops, and work study
situations, although the work experiences do not have to have these
labels. Most Important, the work should provide "Interns" with experience
performing typical technical communications tasks. employers hiring
students as interns should regard them as professionals in training, not
as inexpensive labor.

Who Can Use the Services?

All part-time and full-time college students may list themselves or pursue

internships listed. Access to the member listing service, however, is
limited to STC members and student members. Anyone helping non-members use

the service should urge them to join STC.

Employers who want to contact students listing themselves or who want to
list internships should be memberso of STC or have an employee who is a


What Guidlines Apply to the Services?

Students listing themselves should provide the following information:

*name, address, and phone number

*how the internship is part of their plan of study (for example,
the course number, and credit recieved)

*name and phone number of faculty member supervising the work

*the date you would like to begin the internship, and the length of
internship desired

*brief summary of qualifications
*specific type of work sought
*how long the listing is to be posted on the BBS (one year max)

Employers listing internships should provide the following information:

*company name, address, and phone number

*name and phone number of person to contact

*start date and length of internship

*job title and description, including major duties

*brief description of company such as number of years in business,
number of employees, and major products

*salary and benefits (optional)

*whether the internship is ongoing (if not, the listing will be
removed the date the internship begins).


NOTE: Internships should involve students in writing and editing
projects that will challenge their abilities in the field of technical
communication. Interns should not be required to complete
secretarial/receptionist tasks, or other unrelated work. At the end of rhe

work experience, students should have gained valuable knowledge about
their career, as well as samples for their portfolios --bothof which will
aid them in finding full-time employment. Because internships provide
students eith training not available elsewhere, they can be non-paying
ones if the provide the type if work experience just discussed.

Sherry Southard
Department of English
GCB 2129
East Carolina University
Greenville, NC 27858-4353
(919) 355-0796

Information will be screened, edited, and forwarded to the STC BBS.

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| 6545 -at- ef -dot- gc -dot- maricopa -dot- edu Electronic Forum, Glendale, AZ |
| *Student Member, Society for Technical Communications |

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