Subject: FAX to TEXT
From: "S.North" <north -at- HGL -dot- SIGNAAL -dot- NL>
Date: Tue, 22 Jun 1993 16:34:17 +0200

OK, so maybe I was a little too critical. The point was that you should not
complain that your coke bottle doesn't make a very good hammer... or that a
fax isn't very good for transmitting text.

Fax modems are not expensive (a fraction of the price of a fax machine) and
there is some excellent software around. Under Windows 3.1 on my PC, instead
of sending a document (from virtually any package) to the printer I send it to
my fax modem which then dials the number I have set and transmits it.

I do a lot of translation work on a freelance basis (i.e. at home in my own
time). I do not have the resources to compete with the 'big' companies (for
instance, I can only offer six languages) but I can compete (and normally win)
on speed - modem reception, fast turnround, and modem return.

So far (correct me if you know better), I have not yet seen an OCR package
that was better than 90% accurate - which for my purposes just is not good
enough. But, for those of you who are faced with existing faxes that need to
be transcribed I suppose it's the only solution (don't you have copy shops is

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