Re: STC'S Electronic Bulletin Board

Subject: Re: STC'S Electronic Bulletin Board
From: David Hamilton <david -at- URSUS -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 7 Jul 1993 11:22:20 PDT

Greg writes:

> Cost is a very BIG factor. For the STC to have a full Internet connection
> would cost $1000 per month. The other option is that they find
> a local service provider, such as the World operates here in Boston,
> and get an account. Nevertheless, STC members want FTP and possibly
> Telnet access.

I'm sure that most STC members would prefer to own Porches and/or
BMWs, but many of us have found it necessary to purchase vehicles
which provide the essential functions at a cost we can afford. I'm
sure that there are some that have held off purchasing a vehicle until
they can afford a BMW on which to learn driving, but most feel that
this approach is simply not practical.

> An account on a provider would not fit STC's needs except _maybe_ to
> run a bulletin board (if the sysop allowed it). But even then, it
> would compete with this list (unless it dealt exclusively with something
> like job announcements).

This is not necessarily true. There are several service providers
that provide FTP access to directories maintained by the subscriber,
in addition to the normal email and USENET news services. At the very
least, this would allow the STC to participate in this mailing list
directly. This service level is available for as little as $25/month.
Some of these service providers can also provide TELNET access.

> So now we're back to the cost for a full line. Well, after the installation
> and consultation fees, as well as the startup investment costs, the STC
> would then need to hire a system administrator. All this costs even
> more $$$$.

Of course it would cost more to use that approach. If a person
chooses to purchase a luxury vehicle, it costs much more for routine

> The only other option is for a host to "donate" the line. I don't
> know who in Virginia would do that. I suppose that the host provider
> could be anywhere in the US, but, then again, they need that immediate
> access to the net which I don't think is readily available in their
> part of the country.

I don't buy that argument. If I can't afford a BMW, my only other
option to for someone to donate one to me? This ignores all of the
other options available.

If the STC chooses to do so, it can have Internet email access set up
for its members within days, at a very low monthly cost. The value of
this connection would soon prove itself to the membership. For
slightly greater cost, FTP access to STC files can be provided. Using
FTPmail, or some other service, these files can be available to
members with email access but not FTP access. I suggest that the
benefits to the membership from this level of service is so far beyond
the current systems and services, that the difference would be clearly
and unmistakably apparent. I further suggest that the resultant
increase in membership would finance expansion to full Internet

David Hamilton david -at- ursus -dot- com
Ursus Information Technology, Inc. Santa Clara, CA

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