Where does all the money go? (Was: Should STC be on this list)

Subject: Where does all the money go? (Was: Should STC be on this list)
From: Joan Miles <miles -at- CCD -dot- HARRIS -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 27 Jul 1993 11:15:31 EDT

> I don't know about the rest of you, but I'd like to know more facts before I
> issue a judgement on the Conference. Has there been a clear presentation of
> Conference costs, with a diagram of how the fees are used to drive these costs
> and how much goes into the general fund. In fact, I would like to see a run-
> down of the STC costs in general. Am I right in thinking this has shown up in
> the Journal sometime? (Could anyone point out the issue?


According to the Annual Report from July 1991-1992 placed in the
December 1992 *Intercom*,

Income (1992) $1,796,126
Expenses (") $1,571,973

Dues $1,238,277
Conference $ 231,063
Pubications $ 139,544
Investments $ 88,746
Programs $ 12,016
Miscellaneous $ 86,480
Total $1,796,126

Publications $ 411,640
HQ Operations $ 405,325
Chapter Rebates 311,298
General Oper. $ 195,951
Committees $ 118,949
Awards/Grants 99,225>
Total $1,571,973
Excess income over expenses $224,153

Broken down into percentages, it goes like this:

Dues 69%
Conference 12%
Publications 8%
Investments 5%
Miscellaneous 5%
Recognition Programs 1%

Publications 26%
Headquarters 26%
Chapter Rebates 20%
General Operating 12%
Committees 8%
Scholarships/Awards 6%
Other 2%

So, what exactly are Headquarter expenses? Maybe they should be
shared with Scholarships and Awards, seeing as how that would
have the most effect on people. I know I would have liked to
have gone to the Conference, but neither I nor my company
could shell out the amount it would have taken for just one
person. Guess only the wealthy can be educated, huh?!

As for conference costs...
Airline tickets-variable
Car Rental $22-34/day -at- $110-219/week
Full Conference (Advance Registration) $350/member $445/nonmember
(Walk-in Registration) $425/member $$520/nonmember
(Student/Retired STC Member--$80 or $130 depending
on how quick you were in registering)
Hotels $79-115/single $89-135/double
Miscellaneous costs--Special Event tickets/Meals 5 -at- $15
List of Attendees $10
Extra *Proceedings* $50
Post Conference Workshops $75-150

Costs definitely added up-nothing like the "$350 Conference fee" !


> -John Sanders-
> -GE/Schenectady-


Right now I'm having amnesia and deja vu
at the same time. I think I've forgotten
this before.
-Steven Wright

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