Re: Justifying Internet Access

Subject: Re: Justifying Internet Access
From: Susan Mitchell <susanm -at- NCD -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 1993 19:21:46 GMT


It is with a very red face that I say THANK YOU! I have a bad habit of
scribbling notes on little pieces of paper and leaving them all over my
office. Every so often, I consolidate all of the valuable info on a
cheat sheet, and therein lies the problem--a simple typo. Of course there
is no such thing as .sun, but I've sent at least 4 messages to that
address (and wondered why they never replied). I get so much feed back
from the comp.text.frame newsgroup, that it didn't bother me enough to

On Aug 18, 12:17pm, Ken d'Albenas wrote:
> Subject: Re: Justifying Internet Access
> -

> Susan,

> > ... post to the Frame newsgroup and send a
> > message to Frame at comments -at- frame -dot- sun -dot-

> frame.sun? Not This is a new one to me. What's frame.sun?
> I've never seen a ".sun" suffix before; only things like .com, .ca, and
> .edu.

> > Recently, our dept was considering whether to use square or rounded
> > boxes around figures. A quick poll gave me some information that
> > helped point me in a useful direction.

Well, we deleted almost all boxes in favor of a more open/white-space approach.
We still use square boxes around screen shots that include multiple windows,
but that's about it. If we have huge chunks of courier display info (like a
script), then we set it off with a box with rounded corners (looks more like
an actual screen).

> I'm dying of curiosity. What did you learn/decide? ("Inquiring minds
> like mine want to know!") And do you _always_ put a box around your figs?

> (Notice how this whole letter illustrates those valuable uses of the
> Internet you wrote about.)

Precisely! We learn by interacting. We don't learn by cloistering ourselves
in cubicles.

> Cheers,

> Ken d'Albenas
> (-::

What kind of a smiley is this? 4-eyes? Does that represent glasses?
Susan Mitchell

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