Re: Tele-commuting

Subject: Re: Tele-commuting
From: Kathy Barreto <barreto -at- DREGGS -dot- CISCO -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 1993 16:00:27 MDT

Don't know how "convincing" this will be, but our group has been
trying out a pilot program for the past year or so. We're a pubs
group of about 30 writers and editors (1 artist) in the SF bay
area. We have the option to WAH (work at home) one day a week on
a regular basis, provided that our presence isn't required for
meetings etc. During crunch times, we can negotiate more days
at home to help meet deadlines.

Most of us find that the amount of work we can get done in one
day at home is equivalent to at least a couple of days at the
office. Not only do we save commute time, but the interruptions
are cut way down. We forward our office phones, log in to an
email server regularly to check mail, and those of us who have
Macs use Remote Access to connect to our AT network (servers,
public files).

Our department supplies a good modem, Versaterm or MacTCP,
and a copy of FrameMaker for the platform of your choice.
It works out *very* well. Personally, I get most of my writing
done on Wednesday (my WAH day).

Sorry I don't have any statistics for you; just my 2 cents!

Kathy Barreto
barreto -at- cisco -dot- com

> Once again, I spent 65 minutes on my 30 minute commute this morning (just so
> everyone could slow down and inspect the car with the broken headlight!).

> Does anyone have any convincing data that I can show my boss comparing the
> relative cost and productivity of tech writers working in the office and
> working at home?

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