Re: est. hours

Subject: Re: est. hours
From: Stefan Fielding-Isaacs <sfi -at- VERITY -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 28 Oct 1993 11:35:38 PDT

From: Kathy Barreto <barreto -at- DREGGS -dot- CISCO -dot- COM>
Subject: est. hours

Hello all,
Would some of you kind folks please share a bit of your experience with me?
I'm trying settle on *a* number to use when estimating the time it will take
to complete a writing project. My historical records show everything from
1/2 hour to about 4 hours per page. 'Course, the complexity of the material
and the type of publication make quite a difference. I'm most interested in
procedures and descriptions for technical end users, but I'll gladly take
whatever you can send. If you can tell me whether the estimates you use
are for fairly simple procedures or product descriptions, or for complex
theory-of-ops circuit descriptions or conceptual scientific theories, all
the better. Thanks in advance for any help you can send!


I think (as you surmise) that estimates will vary widely depending on the
nature of the project. I generally use a rule of thumb of about 3hrs per page.
Mind you, this is quite an aggressive estimate. But then I consult for a living
and am used to having less time to complete a project in than when I was a
slave of the clock..

Let it be said that one cannot help but compromise quality somewhat at 3hrs
per page but one can still satisfy clients.

I would never, ever, again bid fixed price on anything. The few times I have
I use the rule of thumb of doubling my "true estimate" of hours and then adding
30%. That seems to come nicely into line with both the expectations of the
and the realities of bid situations..


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