Re: SGML, new media, and other hot issues

Subject: Re: SGML, new media, and other hot issues
From: Marguerite Krupp <73131 -dot- 2153 -at- COMPUSERVE -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 3 Nov 1993 08:58:42 EST

Ed Costello hit on something that's been bothering me, too, and not just about
academic programs. I teach in the Graduate Certificate program at
Northeastern University, which is more practical than theoretical.

My feeling is that the issues you raise about SGML, "reusable" documentation,
new media, etc., are mostly of concern right now to practicing tech writers.
I'd love to see some solid research done by academics, but my immediate need
is for practical stuff. Frankly, I'm writing a book about it myself,
primarily because I didn't find what I needed elsewhere. There are many good
journal articles about particular aspects of particular technologies, but I
have yet to find anything that ties it all into one coherent picture. Stay
tuned, I'm still writing that book.

Meanwhile, I have to confess to some disappointment in the contents of this
forum. For goodness sake, haven't we beaten the old chestnuts to death yet?
Come on, folks! How about your ideas on how the new technologies and
techniques are affecting your thinking and your work life? What about ISO
9000 and TQM? Are you ready to push the state of the art? Or areyou going to
wait "until you have time" to deal with these issues? If you wait long enough
you'll have plenty of time, because you'll be obsolete!

OK, that should get some bits and bytes flowing in those electronic veins.
Let's hear from you folks.

Marguerite Krupp

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