Re: SGML, new media, and other hot issues

Subject: Re: SGML, new media, and other hot issues
From: Elaine M Brennan <ELAINE -at- BROWNVM -dot- BITNET>
Date: Wed, 3 Nov 1993 09:22:41 EST

On Wed, 3 Nov 1993 08:58:42 EST Marguerite Krupp said:

>Ed Costello hit on something that's been bothering me, too, and not just about
>academic programs. I teach in the Graduate Certificate program at
>Northeastern University, which is more practical than theoretical.

>My feeling is that the issues you raise about SGML, "reusable" documentation,
>new media, etc., are mostly of concern right now to practicing tech writers.
>I'd love to see some solid research done by academics, but my immediate need
>is for practical stuff. Frankly, I'm writing a book about it myself,
>primarily because I didn't find what I needed elsewhere. There are many good
>journal articles about particular aspects of particular technologies, but I
>have yet to find anything that ties it all into one coherent picture. Stay
>tuned, I'm still writing that book.

There has been a lot of solid work on analyzing texts and using SGML
to encode those texts in the literary and linguistic academic communities --
see the work of the Text Encoding Initiative, for example -- but I don't
have the sense that those theoretical perspectives have been particularly
valued. On the other hand, decipering and encoding the structure of
a seventeenth-century literary text makes looking at aircraft repair
manuals seem quite simple ...


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>Come on, folks! How about your ideas on how the new technologies and
>techniques are affecting your thinking and your work life? What about ISO
>9000 and TQM? Are you ready to push the state of the art? Or areyou going to
>wait "until you have time" to deal with these issues? If you wait long enough
>you'll have plenty of time, because you'll be obsolete!

>OK, that should get some bits and bytes flowing in those electronic veins.
>Let's hear from you folks.

>Marguerite Krupp

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