Re: SGML, new media, and other hot issues

Subject: Re: SGML, new media, and other hot issues
From: Stuart Selber <SSELBER -at- MTUS5 -dot- CTS -dot- MTU -dot- EDU>
Date: Wed, 3 Nov 1993 09:38:01 EST

Marguerite Krupp writes:
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Meanwhile, I have to confess to some disappointment in the contents of this
forum. For goodness sake, haven't we beaten the old chestnuts to death yet?
Come on, folks! How about your ideas on how the new technologies and
techniques are affecting your thinking and your work life? What about ISO
9000 and TQM? Are you ready to push the state of the art? Or areyou going to
wait "until you have time" to deal with these issues? If you wait long enough
you'll have plenty of time, because you'll be obsolete!
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I agree with Marguerite that some of the issues we have been discussing are
old to the profession. *But* they are new for a lot of folks entering the
profession and therefore I think they're appropriate here. IMHO, I'm quite
happy with the forum. I like the organic nature of it and I think that
encourages folks to participate who might not in more structured forums. I also
think much of our talk is quite timely and relevant. For instance, the threads
on PhDs and graduate programs seem important as companies "right-size" and
writers contemplate going back to school, changing jobs, etc. Of course, I
would be interested in discussions on "the state of the art." I just think the
other discussions are important as well, even if they don't push boundaries in
obvious ways.

Stuart Selber
Michigan Technological University

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