"Old" software

Subject: "Old" software
From: Dave Venzke <dven -at- CLEO -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 1993 10:59:00 EST

In response to Stefan's suggestion:
>> I think we all agree that FrameMaker is over-priced. Do what I
>> did. Go out and buy an ancient version for $50. Then buy the
>> upgrade from Frame Technology to the latest version. You'll save
>> a ton of money and you won't feel guilty at night.. :->

Gary Dettmers responds:

>I am appalled that you would suggest to someone to commit an act of software
>piracy on this list...

While I don't know where Stefan got the "ancient" version of Frame for $50,
I can say that there are a number of mail-order software distributors who
specialize in "old" or "ancient" software (products that are one, two, three,
or more levels removed from what is currently selling on retail shelves). It's
perfectly legal to purchase and upgrade (sometimes at a significant discount),
plus you can try out the older version to see if it's something you might like.

I've purchased a number of software products in this fashion and have saved a
small fortune in the process.

So, Stefan, where did your ancient version come from?

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