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Subject: Re: Most Important Programs to Learn
From: Gary Dettmers <garyd -at- TEKELEC -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 1993 16:19:23 -0600

> > >From garyd -at- tekelec -dot- com Wed Nov 17 07:05:36 1993
> > >
> > >Stefan writes:
> > >>
> > >> I think we all agree that FrameMaker is over-priced. Do
> > >> what I did. Go out and buy and ancient version for $50.
> > >> Then buy the upgrade from Frame Technology to the latest
> > >> version. You'll save a ton of money and you won't feel
> > >> guilty at night.. :->
> > >>
> > >
> > >I am usually quiet on this list, but today I must speak out. I
> > >don't know how you can sleep well at night, or not feel guilty
> > >with what you have done. There are limits to suggestions on an
> > >open forum. Advising criminal activity is one that should not
> > >be tolerated!
> > >
> > >I am appalled that you would suggest to someone to commit an
> > >act of software piracy on this list. It is illegal to buy
> > >someone's old software and then upgrade to a newer version.
> > >When people sell their older version of a software package,
> > >they retain the license for it because they have already made
> > >the upgrade. Because of the "old" software laying around
> > >people will sell it at a fraction of its original cost to
> > >recoup some of their investment. This does not mean the buyer (
> > >of the old software) has legal claims to it.

> Hey buddy.. be damn careful at whom you are casting slurs. You don't
> know me and you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.

> FYI, I purchased an old version of FM in the box, and properly
> registered it. I am the SOLE LEGAL OWNER. I had every right to do what
> I did.

> Before you try and police others I suggest you get a grip on reality.
> My suggestions entailed nothing illegal and I expect a full apology
> from you for your slanderous statements.

> If you doubt my word I can provide you with the name and telephone
> number of the individual who sold me his copy and the number of my
> REGISTERED, and LEGAL FrameMaker version.

You are right Stefan, I don't know you. How many people in the list do know
you? The initial message you posted indicated to anyone who read it that it's
OK to just find second hand software and upgrade. I did not (could not) read
between the lines that you are practicing a legal method for procuring
legitimate software.

This forum reaches out to people who don't actively participate. Many of us
just watch how the personalities develop across the board. I truly thought
you were advocating a nonchalant approach to side stepping the software
upgrade path.

Your original message did not provide information that clearly stated your
ownership status of the FM software. Due to the proliferation of software
piracy in society, there tends to be assumptions made when people make
statements such as yours.

I have developed software for many companies, and I have been ripped off by
some of them when they broke the agreements we made for software
distribution. When software agreements are broken, then the developer
suffers. It takes a lot of time and effort to develop programs, and software
develpers have to eat too. So, when a statement is made that hints of an
impropriety, there are some who gasp at the thought it invokes.

I don't doubt your word Stefan, and I would not have doubted it if you made
it know to me (and others) the first time.

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