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Subject: Re: Writer list
From: Joyce Hammock <HBJ -at- NIHCU -dot- BITNET>
Date: Sun, 21 Nov 1993 10:17:44 EST

I, too, had been a subscriber to the writers list.
You're right in that the postings of work, the
workshop assignments are very good. I eventually
unsubbed from the list because there was so much
personal banter going on that it filled my mail
box to overflowing. Even using the digest was not
successful because I still had to read through
what seemed like an electronic telephone conversation
between adolescents in which I was not remotely
interested in. So, to eliminate my frustration,
I had no choice...I unsubbed. I miss reading
other's material, but there was less of that than
there was of the chit chat. Since then, I have
found a list that is NOT narrowly focused as you
say, but does concentrate on the writing aspects
of communication without the never-ending silly
stuff that filled my box from WRITERS.

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> From: "Bruce B. Harper" <BHARPER -at- VTVM1 -dot- CC -dot- VT -dot- EDU>
> Subject: Re: Writer list

> On Fri, 19 Nov 1993 13:34:10 -0500 MaryEllen Read said:
> >Looking in my "lists of lists," I found the same address given that
> >bounced you back. But - I also had a note that I unsubscribed from
> >Writers because it was "trivia, just dumb" IMHO of course. I may have
> >gotten in on a poor thread at the time though.
> >Maryellen Read

> The WRITERS list is alive and well and filling mailboxes with "trivia"
> along with poetry, responses to a "write something with
> 100-monosyllable-words" challenge, critiques, and much more. The list
> sometimes gets a tad off track from things, but it is a very friendly
> list that goes beyond on-screen relationships. There is a postcard
> exchange going on, several people have been playing telphone tag, and
> a couple of face-to-face visits have been arranged. We have occasional
> flame wars about various things (including one over copyrights on material
> that had been published on the list that even got us chastised by an
> EFF lawyer). A recent discussion was about those who sign onto the list
> expecting a very narrow focus on writing and don't find it, then try to
> change the list to suit them, followed by a scathing "I'm leaving"
> message. There are threads about writer's block, questions about plot
> development, urges from members to someone to submit something written for
> the list to a magazine, questions and suggestions about how and where to
> submit writings, and on and on. The list takes a little getting used to
> at first, as there is a very high volume of mail shared back and forth.

> WRITERS resides on the LISTSERV at NDSUVM1 on the BITNET side and
> on the LISTSERV at on the Internet side.

> Give it another shot; we'll be glad to see you.
> Bruce

> Administrative Display System Bruce B. Harper, Manager
> 129 Smyth Hall, Institutional Research
> Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia 24061-0433
> (703)231-5019
> BHARPER -at- VTVM1 -dot- CC -dot- VT -dot- EDU

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