Re: Poor Grammar vs. Nettiquette Breach

Subject: Re: Poor Grammar vs. Nettiquette Breach
From: Joyce Hammock <HBJ -at- NIHCU -dot- BITNET>
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 1993 21:39:56 EST

> Subject: Poor Grammar vs. Nettiquette Breach

> > From: "Merrell, K.W. (8-294-7813)" <kmerrell -at- VNET -dot- IBM -dot- COM>
> > Subject: Append

> > I subscribed to this forum a couple of weeks ago, and have been
> > reading it with awe and wonder ever since. I think the subjects
> > are fascinating, the information is helpful, and the writers
> > sincere. BUT! I am appalled at the spelling, grammar, etc., that
> > appears.

> [...]

> > Karen Merrell

> Well, Karen, I am "appalled" at your lack of paragraph breaks. You
> decide to flame an entire community and do so while breaking one
> of the rules of electronic communication: chunk your material.

> It works in regular print too.

> --gk >



When making this kind of criticism, you must understand that many
of us, while excellent grammarians, writers, editors, etc, we are
also quite often victims of this electronic miracle of online
communication. Software packages differ drastically. Some of
them make it impossible to proof what has been previously typed,
or even to backspace.

This forum is informal, as far as the written message is
concerned. I'm sure many subscribers respond to the mail they
receive very spontaneously. As I'm sure you know, spontaneity
can generate it's own errors. Be patient. It's the substance of
what is often said that is important--not the occasional typo or
grammatical inconsistency.

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