Re: Poor Grammar vs. Nettiquette Breach

Subject: Re: Poor Grammar vs. Nettiquette Breach
From: Kim Ballard <ballardk -at- MACE -dot- CC -dot- PURDUE -dot- EDU>
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 1993 17:27:59 EST

* writes in an earlier message

> > I subscribed to this forum a couple of weeks ago, and have been
> > reading it with awe and wonder ever since. I think the subjects
> > are fascinating, the information is helpful, and the writers
> > sincere. BUT! I am appalled at the spelling, grammar, etc., that
> > appears.

Glad to hear that you are finding this forum a useful one for you.
Perhaps your concern about the spelling, grammar, etc. can be put to
rest. Some people communicaitng on this list face some real
limitations. No, I'm not saying the people lack insight/knowledge
about standard conventions. Rather some folks do not have a readily
available editor with their communications package. Others, because of
many chores, don't have time to carefully proofread what appears as
pretty tiny print on some screens. For trained individuals, mechanical
errors can be disruptive. I always grit my teeth when I see my own
mistakes on any list, and I try to use my readily available editing
capacities and do proofread. Still, errors occur, but I don't think
my electronic mechnical errors or those others make indications of
major problems. Yet I know of several pedagogical lists (lists
set up for students) whose list owners publically encourage the use of
spellchecks. Perhaps you aren't all that alone in your attitude.

In any case, welcome to these conversations!
Kim Ballard
Purdue University
ballardk -at- mace -dot- cc -dot- purdue -dot- edu

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