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Subject: internet resources
From: Dickie Selfe <rselfe -at- MTU -dot- EDU>
Date: Fri, 3 Dec 1993 08:47:27 -0600

Here's a crude compilation of the internet resources suggested thru
TECHWR-L. I included the addresses of those who sent me stuff in case
anyone wants clarification. Hope it's helpful; it was a GREAT help to us
in our efforts. There's a very interesting variety here. As soon as we
have the final edits done on this chapter I'll be glad to forward it to
those interested. I'll include the book title as well. I like the volume
so far.

> I found the following lists (or publications) helpful:



> CAP-L (an MTU original)




> I seldom have time to do more than lurk on these lists. I do believe that
> I have learned more about my craft from these open forums than many a
> workshop or classroom experience.

> I would add that I seldom look to specific "locations" for information.
> Thanks to gopher, archie, veronica, Mosaic, and World Wide Web, the
> internet is rapidly becoming one huge data base I can search at need from
> my Sun workstation, my networked PC, or from home (via modem).

> Hope this helps. Use my name if you wish. I will be interested to see your
> results...

> Mick.
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> / \
> Mick McKellar - Information Systems Spec. - Computing Technology Services

> e-mail address: mckellar -at- mtu -dot- edu phone: (906) 487-2112, 2110
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From: "Joyce Hammock" <HBJ -at- CU -dot- NIH -dot- GOV>
Date: Sun, 28 Nov 1993 11:01:12 EST
Subject: Re: internet resources

I also subscribe to copyediting-l -at- cornell -dot- edu

From: Vincent BORGHI <vb%ediscope -dot- UUCP -at- gamb -dot- uucp>
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Subject: Re: internet resources

(Answer to your news posted in bit.listserv.techwr-l)

I am a free-lance, french, tech writer
I have a workstation that gives me acces to news and e-mail (I pay
for that).

News groups that I find useful for my job are:
* The group specific to my job:
* Groups related to desktop publishing:
comp.text.frame (concerns the FrameMaker DTP software)
* Group related to human factors:
* Misc:
- news.answers is very interesting since it provides

FAQlists (frequently asked questions) concerning numerous

topics. It is a good source for reference material

concerning technical specialities.
- Since I am french, I read the various groups of the "fr."

hierarchy. This is useful to resolve technical problems,
and to ask for technical questions.

In addition, note:
- I do not read the "misc.writing" group: too far from
the technical writing field.
- In France, the use of the news and e-mail facilities is
very unfrequent in my profession. Very few (perhaps no one
but me) tech writers use these communication chanels.

Hope this helps,
Apologies for my poor english.
PS: If needed, use the e-mail address below (the "Reply-To" field
may be wrong).
Vincent BORGHI (Freelance Technical Writer)
41, avenue de Savoie Phone: (+33) 76 97 58 78
38580 ALLEVARD Email: vb -at- ediscope -dot- fdn -dot- org
FRANCE NeXT mail accepted

by Yvonne DeGraw
Santa Barbara STC Chapter
(reprinted from the Shell)

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Dickie Selfe 138 Walker
rselfe -at- mtu -dot- edu Michigan Technological U.
906-487-3225 Houghton, MI 49931

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