Re: Character names (Was: Re: Indicating multilevel picks in menus)

Subject: Re: Character names (Was: Re: Indicating multilevel picks in menus)
From: Margaret Redding <ab555 -at- FREENET -dot- CARLETON -dot- CA>
Date: Tue, 7 Dec 1993 09:34:10 -0500

>Fred Jacobson sez:
> Steve Hollander wrote:
> > In a recent posting, Fred Jacobsen mentioned using the pipe [|] and various
> > other characters to make multilevel picks from menus--for example,
> <snip>
> It's interesting that Steve calls the character "pipe." That is, of
> course, what it symbolizes in Unix shell commands and MSDOS command
> language, but although I have used it as such for _many_ years, I have
> been thinking of it as "stroke" in this context - just a separator with
> no analogical association.

>Some of the stuff I document requires the user to use this character. Since
>we develop on UNIX, everyone inside the company calls it a pipe. But our
>customers all have different names for it; I've heard "stroke", but the big
>two seem to be "pipe" and "vertical bar". So we use "pipe", but introduce it
>as follows in each discussion it appears: "Enter a pipe symbol (|). The
>pipe ..." If this character had a well-known name, we wouldn't bother with
>all this.

>One of our customers had surprising names for two common characters (and
>were upset when we wouldn't change our docs around to use these names):

> * - splat
> # - octothorpe (sp?)

octothorp (octo-8, the # has eight points). In Canada we also use this
sign to indicate an apartment number. We call * an asterisk

>We call them "star" and "pound" (though we use pound so infrequently, we
>introduce it as "the pound symbol (#)" in each discussion it appears). This
>customer was a local exchange carrier (telephone company) - note that these
>two characters are the only symbols on your telephone keypad. Many other of
>our customers are in the phone biz, and they all call these symbols "star"
>and "pound".

>jim grey
>jwg -at- acd4 -dot- acd -dot- com
>Terre Haute, IN - The Silicon Cornfield

Margaret Redding ab555 -at- freenet -dot- carleton -dot- ca
Ottawa, Ontario

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