Mentoring: The Whole Story

Subject: Mentoring: The Whole Story
From: "JACK P. SHAW" <jsh -at- SOFTWARE-AG -dot- DE>
Date: Fri, 17 Dec 1993 10:27:44 MEZ

To Margaret Redding and all those who have questions,
this is what has happened:

A couple of weeks back, I threw out the question (in
somewhat convoluted terms) asking whether anyone would
consider a pairing up of experienced tech. communication
people, one to one, with new or relatively new people
as a way of helping the latter over some of the humps
that this craft sometimes imposes.

The next day, I came in to find my Sun with a bad case
of bloated coax. The responses were more like, "Where
do I sign?" rather than ruminations on the concept. In
short, I had apparently hit a tickle spot that many felt
was worthwhile--both for mentors (teachers, if I can
use the term) and "mentees" (those seeking mentoring).

Now, we all know that, as Will Rogers (you remember him,
of course--sure you do) once said, "I ain't never met a
(person) I couldn't learn somethin' from". The point
being, BOTH sides of this are going to benefit from
such a thing. But it's become an experiment of sorts,
I guess. One that most folks seem to find a good idea.

So I'm playing yentl, pairing folks up based on their
wishes/preferences/professional fields (software or hard,
geographical preferences, and like that...).

And, I'm looking for you, good people, to mentor/be mentored.
It's an ongoing effort. I have no hidden agenda, and all
one need do is send a note saying, "Yeah, I'll try
mentoring/being mentored...", give me your 'druthers
(man/woman, soft-/hardware/mechanical/whatever area, etc.)
and any other hang-ups you might have, and the next
thing you know, you're a twosome. Well, platonically speaking...
I disclaim any responsibility or knowledge of anything beyond
that point...

That's it. Pure and lengthy.

SSSSSSSSS | To those who asked: yes, I am indeed
SSSSSSSSSS | related to G. B. Shaw. I'm a distant
SSSSS --------> | great nephew, twice removed.
SSSSS / SSSSS | Forcibly.
>>------- software ag |---------------------------------------------
SSSSSSSSSSS | Jack Shaw/Software AG jsh -at- software-ag -dot- de
SSSSSSSSS (logo mio)| D-64297 DARMSTADT, Germany

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